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Work in progress Mark Balet and Benn-i

By Benn-i on Sep 20, 2015 in Beats , Blog , Featured , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

about 8 months ago i linked up with Mark Balet. Mark contacted me because he was interested in some riddims by Benn-i and loved the unique style of the riddims. We immediately linked, shared experiences and did some talking on Skype, which was great by the way. In the meantime we did a full production and we are still working on some new ones. In this article i will share some background about Mark Balet with you. Who is Mark, where is he from? And whats coming up soon..

About Mark Balet

About Mark BaletMark Balet is a reggae fusion artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Born in April 1983, in the Ivory Coast to military and diplomat parents. He grew up as a third-culture kid between Ivory Coast, Egypt, United States, France, UK and Spain. Mark improved his musical skills through sound systems and formed in 1996 a Hip-hop & Reggae duo called “Mauvaise Race”. Formerly known as Mister Marky, Mark Balet found his way to the mainstream audience with his first single Outsider [Eternel Music Sony ATV] followed by an European tour in 2010 (New Morning, La Scène Bastille, Sala Heineken).

His debut album, Born to Love, is lively and threaded with an innovative musical fusion of Reggae, Rock and Afro Pop; a unique, intelligible and harmonious amalgamation that uplifts, intrigues and inspires the listener. The exquisite vocals of Mark Balet are a warm, rich and creamy blend of strength and sensitivity, ingrained with deep meaning, infused with sincerity, and sprinkled with a gentle rasp. His writing style is purposefully profound with explicit intent to deliver a meaningful and worthwhile principle message sweeping the listener through a life-journey. His debut album “Born to Love” is available now.

The ongoing love theme throughout the album spans chronological aspects of human experiences with love, beginning from birth with the powerful love between mother and child, as depicted in the song “Mother Angel”, and ending with the fear and sadness of the loss of love as a result of death, as portrayed in the song “Fallen soldier. The songs in-between encompass different phases of love, discovering the power within oneself to overcome adversity, as an inspirational love simulated in the song “Rising Son”; “Love of a Father” which entails spiritual love; and, of course, the song acclaimed as the album title, “Born to Love”, in which he addresses the broader question of why we are here… Mark Balet makes it clear that the answer is: we are “Born to Love”.

Find Mark Online

You can find Mark Balet online on his websites or through social media. See information below;

Promise – Tiny Things Riddim

After chatting with Mark on Skype, we decided to work together on a riddim that Benn-i produced called “Tiny Things Riddim“. The song got some great feedback on SoundCloud, with these stats still counting till today;

Statistics Promise - Benn-i and Mark Balet

The song was distributed through VPAL Music, which offers worldwide independent digital and physical distribution for artists and labels.

Read the blogpost on;!Mark-Balet-New-Single-Promise/c58t/5565e2d00cf2adc1ad603cd1

The final version can be listened here, on the official SoundCloud channel of VPAL Music;

Keep Pushing Riddim

Currently we are working on some new stuff. Mark did a little shoutout for Benn-i Productions on the “Keep Pushing Riddim“.

Check out my Social Hub at Twine:

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Did a Mashup of Shabba – Mr Loverman a while ago on this riddim too..
Still one of my classic favorites (Shabba)

Party Time Radio and TV

At this moment Mark is in France, promoting his new album “Born To Love”. And he also did a live performance on Promise (Tiny Things Riddim).

Check out PartyTime.FR – Djanta and Mark Balet at Party Time Radio Reggae Show 6 Sept. 2015:

I set the video to timecode: 1:53:36. This is the part where Mark performs the song Promise live on the Tiny Things Riddim.. 🙂

You can find the article, vid and podcast here at PartyTime.FR

When you slide back the vid, you can also see Mark performing the following songs; Running, I Got Love, Love of a Father, Nothing Personal (my personal Favorite) and more!

Stay Tuned, because soon there will be more updates on this collaborations. And good luck to Mark in France promoting his Album Born To Love!

Mark Balet - Born To Love

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