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Submit your creativity on the CaribCreed Kali Riddim!

By Benn-i on Oct 03, 2015 in Beats , Blog , Featured , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 1 Comment

I got some great news for you. Benn-i Productions and CaribCreed are now exclusive and official partners. We teamed up because we think our brands could take us both to the next level and we both support the Cannabis movement Worldwide. I even got greater news, since we also started a remix competition! You can now participate in this worldwide riddim competition on the exclusive CaribCreed Kali Riddim produced by Benn-i. Read this article and i will show you the instructions, url’s and more! #Revolution #OneLove

Before i jump into anything, its maybe wise to explain some things. And how Benn-i and CaribCreed got connected;.

Who is CaribCreed?

CaribCreed - Benn-iCaribCreed is a clothing brand, lifestyle and culture located in California, USA. Their brand is a salute to states and countries that ended Marijuana prohibition (and those that join in the future). Together (Benn-i, CaribCreed and you) we embrace the Cannabis culture with the clothing of CaribCreed. Ingeniously designed as a Subtle, Premium Alternative To The Standard Marijuana Tee.

Since there are different types of activist, they also made different clothing/brand/lifestyle;

  1. Pro + enjoy: Marijuana Reform Activism + user of cannabis), they have the Leafy Genius secret code for this one.
  2. Pro+ freedom: Marijuana Reform Activism only, don’t smoke cannabis), they have the Genius Classics for non Smokers.

Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana and off course there are many more names. CaribCreed offers an alternative to the standard Marijuana Leaf tee, because sometimes subtlety is absolutely, obviously and Necessary!

Every legalized country/state has his own shirt with the exclusive prohibition date! Ain’t that awesome!

Find out more about CaribCreed here:

Or find them on any social channel;

Carib Creed Kali Riddim

For the exclusive partnership between Benn-i and CaribCreed Benn-i & Faya Productions created an exclusive riddim named CaribCreed Kali Riddim.

Below you will find the instructions for the worldwide challenge!


The purpose of this riddim (CaribCreed Kali Riddim) is for different artists World Wide to add their own unique touch (vocals etc) to the riddim. The one rule is that whatever you do MUST BE PRO CANNABIS ONLY! Once you’ve created something in its final form; you must send and audio only version (to use on DJ systems/mp3) also a BEFORE YouTube video version for our social networks and a link to the video.

WIN CaribCreed Gift Certificates and become Ruler of the CaribCreed World Wide Riddim Challenge 2015!

Win CaribCreed Gift Cards

After you uploaded your song, your song will be liked, shared and you will receive some comments from people. We monitor this and CaribCreed and Benn-i decide who the final winner of the competition is. And who becomes the new ruler of the world wide riddim challenge. Winner will be announced through email personally and big promotion on social media will follow. Both of the artists/song and the competition.

CaribCreed - Benn-iSend your request and we will send you a clean copy!

Go to your SoundCloud account and join the following group for the riddim, instructions and your upload of your awesome song! Pro cannabis off course.. 😉 

We all love Cannabis and Tees!

CaribCreed Store

Like i mentioned in the intro, CaribCreed Clothing is a brand, lifestyle and culture! Their clothing is designed with quality and gives you a good vibe supporting the pro cannabis movement. Whether you smoke or not.. 🙂 I’m getting my own tees, caps and shirts this week and really can’t wait to put them on. When i receive them, i will make sure to post it here!

We found eachother in the music, CaribCreed and Benn-i. That’s why we decided to set up a worldwide riddim challenge, where everybody can participate for free. And show her or his finest skills on this brand new CaribCreed Kali Riddim.

Now it’s up to you!

What are you gonna do?

Join the revolution, take your skills and show us on the CaribCreed Kali Riddim.

To finish this post i want to share some positive feedback from all over the world with you on CaribCreed as a brand in general;




Talk to you soon!

Big up, Benn-i


Kwassi January 24th, 2017

thank u for all

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