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Stxnga, Romeo, Tuff Gong Studios and Converse

By Benn-i on Sep 15, 2015 in Blog , Featured , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

Hi all, been a while. This week i want to tell you more about the brand new releases i did together with my brothers Romeo Williams aka Dezigner and Rasta Yaad aka Stxnga. Both have their origins in Jamaica and are currently in the Tuff Gong Studios (yes, the original studio of good oll’ Bob). And we’ve been working on different tracks, im gonna share in this post with ya. Records, Riddims, songs and more, continue….

Romeo / Dezigner

Lets begin with Romeo Williams aka Dezigner, his roots in Jam. We are working on his brand new album at the moment. Some more info about Dezigner from Jamaica;

Romeo Williams - Dezigner Romeo Williams was born in Mandeville Manchester, a rural district in Jamaica. He was born to a married couple; Mrs. Verona Williams (26) and Mr. Dudley Williams (27). Both Jamaican married couple that were constantly arguing and fighting in the presence of their new born (Romeo Williams) and other siblings. The occurrence of this frequent dispute instantly had emotional impact on all the children, especially Romeo who was the only child born within the marriage. He was loved unconditionally by both parents but however, Romeo had a very isolated upbringing because he felt neglected by his parents in some instances. For any other normal child that would have been a disadvantage but for Romeo it turned out to be one of his greatest assets. That was evident thru the fact that he was given numerous responsibilities in his early years, some of which includes being a prefect during his primary and secondary years and being awarded police in his kindergarten year. These circumstances strengthened Romeo as an individual, who over the years developed strong leadership qualities that compliments his warm personality that is evident the minute you encounter his presence.

Romeo discovered his love for music at an early age, however, he did not take it seriously until half way through secondary school. He started developing his craft by having friends drum on desks during recess, during class intervals or after school (clashing and facing off). During his later days of high school, he started a duo with one of his closest friend Markland Morris, (later known as Stxnga). After rehearsing for a full year they did their first performance. A week later the duo grew into a group of four persons (charmskwad). After another year of practicing day and night, the group got popular after their appearance on rising star (a local talent competition aired on tv). After rising star, charmskwad made appearance on numerous shows throughout Jamaica.

After doing a show in Ochi Rios the group met their manager Melissa Johnson who managed the group for 3 years. She was not able to meet all the financial demands of the group but she believed strongly in the talent. She made numerous connections with some very famous musicians, some of the biggest names in the industry; names like Beres Hammond, Cave man, Saxon and many others. They were all interested in the career of the individuals in the group but found it challenging to invest in a group of four, considering the fact that they did not live in the urban area. After years of pushing, they still weren’t able to make the mark they wanted on Jamaica and the world market because of financial constraints. The group members came to a conclusion that it would be better to separate and venture off as individuals, Romeo then decided to start his clothing line because he discovered it was almost impossible to get into the music business without financial strength.


During these days of learning, practicing, and developing the brand, Romeo was forced to face poverty, frustration and depression. This pushed him to change his views on the government system, recognizing the little help they offer to help the persons who are living below poverty line in Jamaica at large. He then realized that it was imperative for each individual to depend on their own inner strength in order to survive, especially with a goal or mission. It is during those harsh reality and eye opening moments that Romeo started to research what it takes to be great/ successful without any kind of startup help. Upon searching, he found the stories of Leonardo Davinci, Albert Einstein, Michael Angelo, Martin Luther king, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many others. He read the seven steps of success, rich dad poor dad, the psychology of winning, mind training, alchamist and other books of similar kinds, which after consuming all that knowledge portrayed a difference in writing style in his lyrical content and the approach he had to the business side of fashion and music. However, Romeo decided to move to Kingston which has the largest mass of people in one place that accepts music and fashion with high regards in Jamaica. For quite a while that was only a dream because of the heavy cost it attracted until one day one of his designer friends that had a factory in a neighboring parish told him that he was going to relocate to Kingston and there was enough space to house his tools. Romeo instantly called one of his brother that resided in Kingston, to ask if he could stay with him for a while and he said yes but just for a short time because he could only afford to support him temporarily.

The life changing phone call

One day Romeo received a call from one of the biggest record label in Jamaica (bounty killer alliance group), asking for the service of his clothing line; he was selected to dress all their artists in the company. After that call, Romeo was able to move from one of the poorest part of Jamaica to one of the most sophisticated place; Kingston 8, Stony Hill. From that day on, Romeo Williams and VS clothing line has been doing nothing else but heading for greatness. Even to this date (14/6/15) Romeo is working on his album (Gorilla War Fear) and seeking investors and manufacturing state to produce VS on a larger scale.

Life is not always the way you want it but life is what you make it.

Untill now we made 3 different tracks and still working on more. To give you a likkle preview, here are they;

Good Kid in a Bad Place – Dezigner (Keyser Söze Riddim by Benn-i)

Big up – Dezigner (Try Harder Riddim by Benn-i)

Done by Dezigner on the Try Harder Riddim by Benn-i. Massive reggae sound;

Currently we are working on the song called “World Need Leaders“. Here is a preview allready on YouTube, more coming soon;

Stxnga / RastaYaad

RastaYaad - StxngaNative of Jamaica Markland Marley Morris was born in St.Elizabeth Goshen he is the last child of seven.At a tender age of twelve Markland found his love for music when his mother bought him a guitar as a birthday gift. Life was not all about dancing, and music as his family had it hard financially and moved around until they finally settled. As a result of this Markland was forced to find a way to make money to have the pleasures and a normal life`of a young youth. He formed a group consisting of four members. Charmskwad which was formed in 2003 they began free-styling with lyrics following popular artist. Markland was the leader of the group which stayed together for five year.The group members gave Markland the name Sthinga because they thought his lyrics were sounding hot.They took Jamaica by surprise with the song “Gal Gwan” which stayed on the top ten charts for weeks. This gave him the opportunity to perform all over Jamaica doing stage shows, talent shows, school parties and Reggae opening acts,night clubs such as the local Peppers.The members of the group decided they had individual talent as writers and singers to go solo in 2010.

Markland first recording deal was in 2006 with Bon fire,then Lion Yard in 2008.A true hustler from a boy now man.He has scored more points with his charm, mannerism,and personality.What makes this remarkable young man distinct is that is music is full of wordplay,realistic life and love.He believes that through his determination and hard work his music and artistic nature is a skill that is gifted.Music is the best way for him to express his views and feelings towards people and situation that may arise. For someone who has lost everything this is the beginning of something.

Currently we are still working on new tracks, and we released a couple. Which i allready shared with ya in these posts; New Releases, New Riddims and more

At this moment my 2 brothers are at the Tuff Gong Studio (yes, yes the original studio of Bob and the Wailers). Check out some pics right here:

Stxnga and Romeo at Tuff Gong Studios - Benn-i

Stnxga and Dezigner at Tuff Gong - Benn-i

Great work Guys! Stxnga got the chance to perform and record our tracks at Tuff Gong Studios, cos he won a contest with Converse Rubber Tracks. Meeting up with his brother an friend Dezigner. 🙂 And now working in the studio together.

Check out the great songs we have been working on with Stxnga;

Stxnga – In Command

In Command’ is a no holds barred criticism of human rights within modern society from Jamaican born singer Stxnga. Armed with a roots reggae riddim & distinctly unique voice, he delivers his message in a powerful rockers style.

Fresh new song on the Try Harder Riddim by Benn-i

Stxnga – Inna Di Dance

Speaks out on the injustice of humanity how politician and police along with the government abuse and miss lead and used there power to hold down the people of society.
Stxnga with another bang for the upcoming album Reggaelution.

This great song also got a YouTube vid, with more then +25k at the moment. So mek sure u check it out!

Last but not least, i got a little more tropical song for ya. Its called the Cupido Riddim by Benn-i

Together with Stxnga we recorded “Good Girls” pon dis.

Stxnga – Good Girls

A good girl is someone who respects herself and is smart enough not to get caught up in what her peers think is cool. A good girl doesn’t need to sleep around, drink every weekend (although, I’ve never passed up the occasional night out) and wear clothing that barely covers her bum cheeks to get attention. She’s happy with herself and knows where she’s going in life. She doesn’t put others down in an attempt to make herself feel better but she knows when to stick up for herself too. In short, I think a good girl is someone who you could call a “young lady.”

Stay Tuned, and more coming up!

Im not Bob Marley or UB40

What most people know..

I just love to make reggae

And go with the flow…

Check out my latest production i did together with my friend Faya Productions aka BeatMaker:

Let me know your feedback.. 😉

Big up, Benn-i

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