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During 2014 and 2015 Benn-i did a lot of different collaborations with different Artist world-wide. Check out this new playlist with all collabs;

Mark Balet – Promise

Check out this brand new release by Mark Balet for VPAL Music – From his brand new album “Born To Love”. The Riddim used for the song Promise by Mark Balet, was produced by Benn-i Productions. Tiny Things Riddim

Song: Promise

Artists: Mark Balet
Riddims: Tiny Things Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions, GoldHeart Studios, VPAL Music and mastered by Vince Mc Cartney
Official Release: VPAL Music and will be available soon at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc.

J.Life ft. Indrani – Streetz Tun Up

This song was even featured by Lutan Fyah on his official SoundCloud profile and got so many views and listens. Big up and thanks for the support! This was actually the first reggae riddim released and produced by Benn-i Productions. This riddim is called the “Call Me Riddim” and was made in Fruity Loops Studio in 2012.

J.Life and Indrani from Barbados really rocked this one! Check out for yourself;

Song: Streetz Tun Tup

Artists: J.Life
Riddims: Call Me Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions, LifeOverDeath

This Riddim is available for FREE, when you signup for Benn-i Productions (you will also receive another +10 free beats/riddims!)

J.Life – Jah Inna Mi Heart

After the production of the new riddim called “Inna Mi Arms Riddim”, produced a month ago by Benn-i Productions. Barbados and Holland teamed up again, and this new great song came out. Stay tuned, cos there is also a version with Indrani on his way. Check it out!

Song: Jah Inna Mi Heart

Artists: J.Life
Riddims: Inna Mi Arms Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions, LifeOverDeath

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Ghetto Solja – Not Again

After Benn-i Productions produced the Weekend Whistle Riddim, this riddim was allready released with Ranger Tamel Lockz and Gyarison, together with SAP records. Now another version is added to the Weekend Whistle Riddim by Ghetto Solja from Spain! Check out his version on the Weekend Whistle Riddim titled “Not Again”.

Song: Not Again

Artists: Ghetto Solja
Riddims: Weekend Whistle Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions, Hardcore Production, 1motion

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J.Life and Indrani – Bad Politics

After Benn-i Productions produced the riddim Bad Politics, this riddim was “screaming” for some good lyrics. J.Life and Indrani did magnificent work on this track! That’s why the track is also called “Bad Politics”. The lyrics are so good, that we decided to make a “Lyrical Video” for Youtube. Check out J.Life and Indrani – Bad Politics (Lyrics) on YouTube.

Song: Bad Politics

Artists: J.Life and Indrani
Riddims: Bad Politics Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions

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 Jahreal feat. Ruby – African Cry

Benn-i Productions, SAP Records and Dream Jay collaborated on this great song. This song is called “African Cry“, telling the story about the hardknocked life in Africa and how things are gettin’ tougher and rougher. The Know it All Riddim is produced by Benn-i Productions (Netherlands), the song is recorded and remixed by Dream Jay from Studio Ghana and the song is mixed and mastered by Sheriff Akatah from SAP Records (Austria).

Song: African Cry

Artists: Jahreal ft. Ruby
Riddims: Know it All Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions

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 J.Life and Indrani – Time to Rise

Another great production between J.Life, Indrani and Benn-i Productions. This song is called “Time To Rise“. The song is recorded on the Know it All Riddim by Benn-i Productions.

Song: Time to Rise

Artists: J.Life and Indrani
Riddims: Know it All Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions

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 J.Life and Indrani – Everything will be OK

The song “Everything will be ok” by John Life and Indrani is produced on the Gimme Life Riddim by Benn-i Productions.

Song: Everything will be OK

Artists: J.Life and Indrani
Riddims: Gimme Life Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions

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 J.Life and Indrani – It’s a Special Day

Another collaboration with the fantastic J.Life and Indrani from Barbados. This song is called “It’s a Special Day”. It’s a real catchy tune made on a riddim that Benn-i produced in 2012: Easy Morning Riddim.

Song: It’s a Special Day

Artists: J.Life and Indrani
Riddims: Easy Morning Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions

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Jah Turban – Mama Africa (Album)

On 30 September 2014, Jah Turban from Denmark released his brand new album called “Mama Africa“. Benn-i productions was responsible for the productions of 2 great riddims on the album “Mama Africa“! The songs titled “Real Real Love” and “World Crisis” were made on the riddims; Irie Irie Riddim and Go Slow Riddim

Below you will find

Album: Mama Africa
Artists: Jah Turban, Anthony B
Riddims: Irie Irie Riddim and Go Slow Riddim
Producers: Benn-i Productions & SJP Records

Available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and more. Please support the artists and buy the full album “Mama Africa by Jah Turban“.

  1. Mama Africa
  2. Love Jah and Live
  3. World Crisis (prod by Benn-i)
  4. Real Real Love (prod by Benn-i)
  5. Rebel with a Cause (ft. Anthony B.)
  6. She Love Me
  7. Summer Time
  8. Working Man
  9. Africa Bless
  10. Gambia
  11. Life Is
  12. Move Vampire
  13. Fiwi Time

Find Mama Africa by Jah Turban on iTunes

Find Mama Africa by Jah Turban on Google Play

Promotion on the Mama Africa Riddim by Jah Turban on YouTube

Life & Love – Album

Benn-i, J.Life and Indrani hooked up for this complete album. They worked together completely online and from a distance. J.Life and Indrani in Barbados singing the riddims and mixing it, while Benn-i was building more riddims and did the finishing touch. Benn-i proudly presents the full album Life & love by J.Life and Indrani. The album covers some of the greatest riddims build by Benn-i, like: Turn Me On Riddim, Loverman Riddim, Unique Love Riddim, 33 Riddim, Tun Ova Riddim, Big Change Riddim and the Just Another Day Riddim

Album: Life & Love
Artists: John Life, Indrani
Riddim: Different Riddims
Producers: Benn-i Productions & Life after Death Productions

Benn-i Productions Proudly Presents Life and Love Album  – Featuring J.Life and Indrani

Available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio and much much more! See links below. More coming soon.

Life & Love

Listen on Rdio

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Life & Love – J-Life & Indrani on iTunes


Lion Tunda – Album

Introducing Lion Tunda! The Lion Tunda Clash. Check out this promo mix (remixed by Benn-i) with a snippet preview of the following songs; – Pre Jah – Damaging – Another One – Apocalypse Party – They get Shock – Treat dem Right. The album was released on iTunes.

Listen, download and show your support, buy the Album of Lion Tunda on iTunes!

For more information on Lion Tunda check out his website:

Listen to the demo promo mix below on Soundcloud.

Album: Tunda Clash
Artist: Lion Tunda
Riddim: Different Riddims
Producer: Benn-i Productions & Daniso

For the Album of Lion Tunda different exclusive riddims by Benn-i were used: Mud Up Riddim, 3Bom Riddim, Seconds Riddim, Di Dancehall Riddim. Rub Up Riddim and the Trouble Double Riddim. These Riddims are not longer available for download or lease. But you can still listen to all the riddims in the music store.

One in a Million

Gyarison made a brilliant text on the Weekend Whistle produced by Benn-i Productions. Together with SAP records we recorded “One in a Million”, and it sounds great! Check out the song one in a Million by Gyarison:

Song: One in a Million
Artist: Gyarison
Riddim: Weekend Whistle Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions & SAP Records

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Ranger Tamel Lockz brings you some sweet reggae with his tune Bonifide on the Weekend Whistle Riddim produced by Benn-i. SAP records did a great job in mixing and mastering this track together with Ranger! They teamed up again and produced Bonifide together. Check out the song:

Song: Bonifide
Artist: Ranger Tamel Lockz
Riddim: Weekend Whistle Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions & SAP Records

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Give Jah Praises

Together with John Life from Barbados Benn-i made this track. J.Life arranged two other artist, also coming from Barbados; Indrani and Red Star Lion. Together they did a Freestyle song on the Ginga Riddim.

Song: Give Jah Praises
Artist: J. Life, Indrani, Red Star Lion
Riddim: Ginga Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions & J.Life

Keep on Movin’ – Gh Solja ft. Deejay Limbo

Benn-i and SAP records teamed up for this one and collaborating with Ghetto Solja (Spain) and Limbo (Ghana). This awesome song came out and also the first time for the 2 friends Ghetto Solja and Limbo to perform together on a riddim.

Song: Keep on Movin’
Artist: Ghetto Solja ft. Deejay Limbo
Riddim: Tun Ova Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions, SAP Records

Llegara El Amor – Warrior Street ft. Shainy

Benn-i worked together with Carlos Vargas (WarriorStreet) from Mexico on the Tun Ova Riddim. Warrior Street and Shainy gave the riddim a fine twist. Listen for yourself.

Song: Llegara El Amor
Artist: Warrior Street ft. Shainy
Riddim: Tun Ova Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions, Zion Productions (Costa Rica) and Blow Blow Rec (Argentina)

Legalize It

Benn-i worked together with Carlos Vargas (WarriorStreet) from Mexico on the Chalwah Riddim. Warrior Street gave the riddim a fine twist. Listen for yourself. The remix is been from a while ago, but doesn’t sounds less.

Song: Legalize It
Artist: Warrior Street
Riddim: Chalwah Riddim
Producer: Benn-i Productions & Carlos Vargas

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Remixes By Benn-i

In the earlier days Benn-i did a lot of remixes. In most cases he would grab a cool riddim/instrumental en try to mix this up with an RnB acapella. Sometimes the pitch wasn’t right, so this had to be tweaked with Sony SoundForge and Time stretching. Most of the acapella’s were mixed with an old tracker, called “Fasttracker”. Some still know this oldskool tool.. 🙂

Here you will find some of the greatest remixes, that are also featured on my second SoundCloud Channel; Benn-i-RmX


Freak’n You

Benn-i got credits from Irie Vibrations for mixing this riddim with the acapella of Jodeci. How cool is that.. 🙂 Its a real cool riddim produced by Irie Vibrations, and they feature great artist on the riddim. The riddim is called the Roll Out Riddim. Benn-i thought it would be nice to put some oldschool R&B flava’s in this remix. Enjoy listening. And so did Irievibrations.

Song: Freak’n You
Artist: Jodeci
Riddim: Roll Out Riddim (original by Irie Vibrations)
Producer: Benn-i Productions

[soundcloud id=’89803954′]

Not Afraid

Benn-i got credits from J Rod Productions for mixing this riddim with the acapella of Eminem. Again, how cool.. 🙂 Listen for yourself. The 2nd Chances riddim has a nice and warm sound and it doesnt sound strange at all to hear Eminem on a Reggae beat.

Song: Not Afraid
Artist: Eminem
Riddim: 2nd Chances Riddim (original by J Rod Records)
Producer: Benn-i Productions

[soundcloud id=’89803279′]


Check out all the remixes, more then 30 different remixes! All different Artists; Eminem, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jodeci, Brandy, Keri Hilson, 50 Cent, The Game, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Shai, Buju, Cutty, Beyonce, Alborosie, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, 2Pac etc..

On some of the greatest riddim produced by worldproducers; 2nd Chances Riddim (Jrod), Roll Out Riddim (IrieVibrations), CryBaby Riddim (Birchill), Police in Helicopter (Flabba), Drop Leaf (Don Corleon), Visions Riddim (Bost and Bim) and so on… Check it out! And enjoy listening.


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