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Submit your creativity on the CaribCreed Kali Riddim!

I got some great news for you. Benn-i Productions and CaribCreed are now exclusive and official partners. We teamed up because we think our brands could take us both to the next level and we both support the Cannabis movement Worldwide. I even got greater news, since we also started a remix competition! You can now participate in this worldwide riddim competition on the exclusive CaribCreed Kali Riddim produced by Benn-i. Read this article and i will show you the instructions, url’s and more! #Revolution #OneLove Read More »

How to make an AWESOME Visual SoundCloud Banner

As a music producer, artist or song writer its great to have an official soundcloud channel where you can show your stuff/portfolio/music/demo’s and mix tapes. Next to that its good for promotion and interaction. If you don’t have a SoundCloud profile allready, i would suggest you register today for free. I myself have been around on SoundCloud for a while now and doing OK. A while ago i wrote an article on the Visual Banners on SoundCloud and how you can get one of these. In this article i will show you step-by-step how you can make an AWESOME visual SoundCloud banner for your official SoundCloud channel. And even better, im also sharing a FREE PSD Template, so you can do the same! And start right away. Read More »

Work in progress Mark Balet and Benn-i

about 8 months ago i linked up with Mark Balet. Mark contacted me because he was interested in some riddims by Benn-i and loved the unique style of the riddims. We immediately linked, shared experiences and did some talking on Skype, which was great by the way. In the meantime we did a full production and we are still working on some new ones. In this article i will share some background about Mark Balet with you. Who is Mark, where is he from? And whats coming up soon..

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Stxnga, Romeo, Tuff Gong Studios and Converse

Hi all, been a while. This week i want to tell you more about the brand new releases i did together with my brothers Romeo Williams aka Dezigner and Rasta Yaad aka Stxnga. Both have their origins in Jamaica and are currently in the Tuff Gong Studios (yes, the original studio of good oll’ Bob). And we’ve been working on different tracks, im gonna share in this post with ya. Records, Riddims, songs and more, continue….

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Brand New Remixes by Benn-i and Rub & Dub


By the name Rub & Dub i also create different remixes, with Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Jungle, Drum & Bass and much more.

And previous remixes from around 2012 can be found here: Benn-i RMX Channel

Let me share my remixes here, since i made a lot lately, featuring awesome artists, riddims and remixes.. 🙂 Read More »

Brand New Releases, Riddims and Beats, SoundCloud, RouteNote, Beatstars & Monetizing

I’ve been busy for the last few months, making new riddims, collaborating with different artists, radio stations, other producers, selectah’s and much more.

In this  blogpost i will cover some of the newest riddims, releases and remixes. Also i will tell your more on how you can register your beats and monetize them on SoundCloud.

Featuring; Stxnga, Mark Balet, DeeJay Limbo, J.Life, Designer, SAP Records.

A lot has happened lately and Benn-i is gaining more and more followers, fans, plays, views etc. Read More »

Interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations


Yes, here we are again. This week another cool interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations straight outta Vienna!

Did u see & read all the previous interviews with awesome producers and labels?

  1. Interview with Oliver Schrader, Silly Walks Discotheque;
  2. Interview with Morry DaBaron, Oneness Records;
  3. Interview with Sam Gilly, House of Riddim;

Interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations Read More »

Interview with Sam Gilly from House of Riddim


After doing a great interview series with Silly Walks Discotheque and Oneness Records in my previous blog articles, time for another interview with House of Riddim!

I had the chance to talk to Sam Gilly from House of Riddim, we talked about their riddims, the amazing artists line-up, their goals for 2015 and question about reggae and dancehall in general.

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Interview with Morry Da Baron from Oneness Records


Last week I had the chance to interview Moritz Korff from Oneness Records.

After a great interview i did previously with Silly Walks Discotheque, here is my second interview with Oneness Records.

I talked to Morry about their riddims, the awesome artists they work with, their goals for 2015 and other questions about reggae and dancehall in general. Read More »

Interview with Oliver Schrader from Silly Walks Discotheque

Last week i had the chance to talk to Oliver Schrader from Silly Walks Discotheque.

I talked to Oliver about their brand new release, called the “Ram Jam Riddim” and asked him some other questions about Reggae and Dancehall in general, their goals for 2015 and how they manage to work with such great Reggae artists.

A small introduction on Silly Walks Discotheque.

Who is Silly Walks Discotheque and where are they from? Read More »

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