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Reggae Midi Pack

    Included is a midi file, an mp3 preview, the original audio sample and a filtered loop including tempo details.

    You can load the files into your favorite sequencer or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, e.g. Cubase, StudioOne, Protools etc)

    Each instruments channel is mapped to a standard general midi set. You can adjust every file/riddim/song to your own needs.

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    These midi files will give you a great starting point on creating your own original music.

    Riddims Featured

    Some of the best riddims ever produced. When you listen these riddims, you will hear many famous tunes;

    Artibella, Baba Boom, Bam Bam, Billy Jean, Chase Vampire, Cherry oh Baby, Created by the Father, Cuss Cuss, Darker Shade of Black, Death in the Arena, Drum Song, Dub Organizer, Dubolitions, Ethiopian Kings, Every Tongue Shall Tell, Fade Away, Fisherman, Freedom Blues, Ghetto People Song, Grab your Lass and Come, Gunman, Heathen, Heavenless, Jah Shakey, Johnny Dollar, Jump Up, Liberation, Mr Bassie, Nanny Goat, Peanie Peanie, Queen Majesty, Real Rock, Revolution, Rockfort Rock, Rougher Yet, Run down the World, Satta, Shank i Sheck, Skylarking, Sleng Teng, Stalag, Swing Easy, Tempo, The Whip, Warning, Warriors don’t Cry, When i fall in Love.

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