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New Reggae Instrumentals for January 2017

By Benn-i on Jan 12, 2017 in Beats , Blog , Instrumentals , Music , Reggae , Wordpress - 0 Comments

Did you allready set your (musical) goals for 2017?  Most people set new goals every year around New Years (like quit smoking, do more fitness etc.), but thats not for me. I allready set my goals for my musical career in 2017 back in 2016. And I allready quit smoking on the 4th of Jan 2016 🙂 I work out on a daily base and run a lot of km on a weekly base (+20km) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And im feeling better then ever I must admit.. Also make sure you check out my previous posts;

🎅+🎄=🎁💰 Happy Holidays and my special present to you! 🌟💫

Mission Statement

I even made a new mission statement, which im gonna share here with you;

I want to be an online tutor to share my experiences in the field of Webdesign, Marketing and Music to inspire myself and others to get the most out of their lives, their music and the internet.

Thats why I love this quote from Lao Tzu:

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime Click to Tweet

As you can see im planning a lot of new things this year, one of them is a new learning environment at (together with Bennie.Me). These domains were my main domains for the last 3 years, when I was working as a freelance web designer. Unfortunately my website got hacked a lot in the beginning of 2016 and I kept putting out fires. It started with some small hacks, but there were soon more. This costs me a lot of time, annoyance and because of this I lost customers and money. I had to make a tough decision and I did….

Thats why I stopped I exported everything from the website; posts, pages, archives, images and a lot more. But it seemed like my main database was corrupt. And since the main website was in the Dutch language I decided to pull out the plug. I must say that I had some good times while working on my website and long articles (+1500 words). There was a time (lol), where I got like +/- 5000 visitors a month, my articles got a lot of shares and I was even in the Top 30 Dutch Marketing blogs for a while. Some stats I was really proud off.

Let’s talk about YOU!

But enough about me, lets talk about you! What are your goals for 2017, do you have a mission statement? And what are your plans with music this year??

It would really mean a lot to me when you reach out, reply, send me an email or whatever to tell me whats on your mind. What musical experiences did you have or what projects are you working on at the moment? Maybe you are looking for collabs or high quality music. Anything on your mind, just let me know. There is no wrong here.

Ok enough about goals, mission statements and projects. I got some other great news.

Brand New Music

Maybe you allready noticed, but since a couple a weeks there have been a few riddims added to the site. I also changed the categories and the genres for all the beats/instrumentals. Its now more clear, since the lists only got longer. When you select a genre or category a drop-down list will appear, all you have to do is choose and a query in the background will filter all the results for you.

Just go to the homepage of Benn-i Productions to check it out!

Lets talk more about the new reggae instrumentals/riddims:

Broken Toys Riddim

Broken Toys Riddim is an awesome reggae roots riddim with great instruments like; muted guitar, guitar, brass, trumpets and more! Make sure to check it out or listen to the Broken Toys Riddim on my official soundcloud channel;

The Broken Toys Riddim is available as premium and unlimited lease. Its simple, just select the riddim, add to your cart and pay. I will send you the riddim instantly, so you can be productive on this riddim.

Miss U Riddim

Second new riddim is the Miss U Riddim, which has some awesome spanish guitars. The riddims reminds me a little of the song automatic by Busy Signal. The intro has a nice organ sound, make sure to check it out:

The Miss U Riddim is available as premium and unlimited lease.

Operating Down & Up Riddim

Last but not least. The brand new Operating Down & Up Riddim, which was uploaded less then 2 weeks ago! Here it is:

The Operating Down and Up riddim also features guest guitarist Olmo Marin, who played some awesome guitar parts. Make sure you listen and if you want to download the brand new reggae instrumental go here:

YouTube and more

Maybe you noticed I also have a great YouTube channel for Benn-i Productions

YouTube Channel of Benn-i PRoductions

I added some new thumbnails and the channel got a small make over. Next week I will be uploading some more tracks, for more exposure.

Dont miss out on this!

Make sure you use the new discount code before purchasing/leasing any reggae instrumentals!

The following discount code can be used: 25OFFNOW

Don’t be late, its valid till Jan 19, 2017

Stay tuned! More coming soon.

Thanks for your time and good luck on your musical projects!

Feel free to contact me. I read and reply to all emails myself and mostly within 24 hours.

#OneLove ❤💛💚

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