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New Beats, Riddims and Releases

By Benn-i on Apr 02, 2015 in Beats , Blog , Featured , Instrumentals , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

This month i wanna share some new beats, riddims and releases from Benn-i Productions.

A lot is happening at Benn-i Productions. At the moment there are several artists recording cool songs and doing some great things on my riddims.

I keep producing reggae riddims and next to reggae i also blend/fuse a lot with pop, latin, reggaeton, dancehall and more musical genres. As long as it sounds good, fresh and unique.

But it also keeps me motivated, happy and focused.

Let’s begin with my latest reggae riddim called “Keep Pushing” Riddim. As an artists, producer, dj or no matter what u do.

U always gotta Try Harder and Keep Pushing cos Everyday is a Struggle. No matter what you do, Don’t Stop and just make sure you’re Feelin’ Funky.

Life can be So Simple sometimes. Its the Tiny Things in life that matter. Dont make things Too Complex.

Keep Pushing Riddim

While working on this riddim, i remembered listening some Barrington Levy and Shabba Ranks that week before. So while working on the bass line i hit some stabs (synths) and it reminded me of Shabba’s famous Mr. Loverman sound (hits) interval. Ok, i gotta make this.

Decided to go with strings and made them go from left to right and reverse. Some sweet bass lines, guitars, bells and an awesome pitched voice just to make sure you gonna dance.. 😉

Check it out;

You can also find a video on YouTube: Making of Keep Pushing Riddim

Mark Balet – Promise

This week Mark Balet released his official song “Promise”. Benn-i was responsible for the production of the riddim of this song. For the recording Mark flowed with the Tiny Things Riddim and made an awesome track out of it. It was officially released this week by VPAL Records. Check it out here on their official SoundCloud channel;

And make sure you check out the other songs by Mark!

I also added this release to the Release Section at Benn-i Productions.


Indaba Remix Competitions

Most of my readers and visitors maybe noticed my blog posts about the remix competitions at Indaba Music.

The first remix was for Enrique Iglesias ft. Sean Paul. I didn’t win the competition, cos Enrique liked another tune. 🙂

So the riddim is now available at Benn-i Productions and is called “Baila Baila” Riddim, which means; “Dance, Dance“.

Check it out here, Baila Baila riddim features some great reggaeton, dancehall and tropical elements mixed with some modern dance flavors.

Baila Baila Riddim


The second remix i submitted to Indaba Music, was for Debi Nova ft. Ceci’le for the song “Cupido”.

Again, i didn’t win the competition for this. But i enjoyed making this beat, it has a fresh harmonica and some other cool elements.

I called this new riddim the “Cupido Riddim”. How surprising. 🙂

Cupido Riddim


Another new riddim i released shortly, is Everyday Struggle Riddim. This one is a bit slower, but its really powerful. I thought of this title cos no matter what u do or where u are life is always a struggle somehow or at some point. I used a bit more dubbing effects this time and you hear the famous B3 hammond organ. Always love that one. Next to that i used some strings to give the whole track a modern feeling. And finishing it with some sweet guitars.

Check it out on the official SoundCloud channel of Benn-i Productions;

Everyday Struggle Riddim


Some other beats you will love are the “Feelin’ Funky” Riddim and the “Don’t Stop Riddim”.

Check em out here on my Soundcloud profile;

Feelin’ Funky Riddim

Don’t Stop Riddim

Ok, thats it for this week. Will be back soon with more beats, riddims, releases and more.

In case you might be wondering where i got those beautiful covers for my riddims?

Check out my exclusive  GIG on Fiverr, offering eye catching product covers.

Oh and make sure you check out Riddimify, a lot of awesome riddims released lately.

Talk to you soon.


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