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Best Reggae and Dancehall tracks lately

Some really good reggae and dancehall tracks were released lately. I want to share a few with you here in this blogpost. And do a little introduction on some of the artist and their tunes.

I also made some new riddims and beats myself the last months. You can check the latest riddim here: In My Mind Riddim

In this blog post i will share the Best Reggae and Dancehall tracks lately.

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What do Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, Christina Aguilera, Buju Banton and Diana King have in common???

So What do Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, Christina Aguilera, Buju Banton and Diana King have in common? well, the answer is simple… MASHUPS!

Benn-i Productions did four brand new mashups / remixes this week with some really cool songs. Fancy from Iggy Azalea and a remix on the famous song Turn down for What. Read More »

Did you hear all new releases lately? Reggae, Dancehall and more


Its been while, but i wanna give you an update of all the changes lately, new productions and more.. 🙂 Did you hear all new releases lately? Reggae, Dancehall and more?

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Return of the Mud Up Riddim


Benn-i here again. Get ready for this months update, i got something nice for you all.

A while ago some of my customers/followers/friends asked me if i could make a new version of the Mud Up Riddim. Normally im more into the reggae than Dancehall, but i love challenges.. 🙂 So i decided to do a new version on the Mud Up Riddim. My own version. Read More »

Update & How to Make a Reggae Beat in Minutes


This month I want to share some new things with you all. A lot has happened the last couple months. Let me walk you through it. Read More »

10 Templates to Make Super Cool Reggae & Dancehall Covers or Flyers

Whether you are an artist or a band, producer, party organizer, or have music as a hobby. You will probably need musical promotion at some time. There are plenty of ways, to promote your self nowadays on the internet. One of them being Social Media off course. Why pay a lot of money to graphical designers for promoting your next big hit, cd or mixtape? While you can buy beautiful and great templates on different websites and marketplaces on the internet. All build by skilled developers world wide that compete against each other in different marketplaces.

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Did u hear the new Village Riddim by IrieVibrations?

Village Riddim by IrieVibrations Records

This week a new riddim wil be launched by IrieVibrations Records. The Village Riddim. The riddim was featured before with a great tune from Uwe Kaa with the title Bunter Read More »

Did u hear all the new riddims of March 2014?

This month i wanna discuss some new, fresh and great reggae riddims released recently in the Reggae scene. Maybe some are familiair or sound familiair. I wanna give some background info on the riddims and give you a little preview on SoundCloud! Some of my favorites at the moment..
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Listen to the new Collaborations this month

A while ago we posted our latest article – Did you hear the new collaborations of December 2013.
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Did you hear the new collaborations of December 2013?

Its been a while since we posted our latest article – 10 Reggae Songs you should absolutely listen!.
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