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More awesome reggae and dancehall Tracks – 19 Brand New Tracks!

By Benn-i on Feb 10, 2015 in Beats , Blog , Featured , Instrumentals , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

The month February is just beginning, and allready a lot of new reggae and dancehall tunes have been released. Again, some major releases from the greatest artists and producers.

In this article i’m gonna share 19 awesome new reggae and dancehall tunes with you.

Featuring artists; Sean Paul, Machel Montano, Mavado, Iba Mahr, Banx and Ranx, Keznamdi, Acmatic, Mortimer, Christopher Martin, Suga Roy, Gappy Ranks, Norris Man, Jah Sun, Randy Valentine, Pressure, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Shuga, Lutan Fyah, Collie Buddz, Rootfire, Rebelution and Rootz Radicals.

I’ve also been working on a brand new riddim myself, but will tell more about that in the end of this article. First we’re gonna zoom in on some new releases.

Enjoy listening.

Reggae and Dancehall Remix by Benn-i

Benn-i made a new remix, with all the track below. The first 17 tracks are remixed with Virtual DJ by Benn-i Productions. Check it out!

New Reggae and Dancehall Remix for February 2015;

You can also listen to the mp3 version of this remix on my RMX SoundCloud channel:

Here are all the track, artists and producers separately:

1. One Wine – Sean Paul and Machel Montano

Awesome new song by Sean Paul and Machel Montano. Many people will probably know Machel from the soca scene, where he is verry big at the moment with his tracks. Im sure i dont have to mention the achievements that Sean Paul made in the reggae, dancehall and worldwide music scene. 😉

Brand new for Trinidad Carnival 2015.

Check out this great song – One Wine, produced by Major Lazer.

The song One Wine by Sean Paul and Machel Montano will soon be available on all major music distribution networks.

2. Rootz Radicals – Lian outta Den

I wasn’t familiar with the Rootz Radicals, so was really surprised to hear their tracks. Some awesome reggae beats, bass lines and the vocals are also great. Im gonna share the whole set of Rootz Radicals with you here from their album Lian outta Den. 

My personal favorites are; Lost Paradise and Israel.

The album “Lian Outta Den” will soon be available at all major music distribution platforms.

3. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Tek it In

Who doesn’t know Chaka Demus and Pliers from the songs; “She dont let Nobody“, “Murder she Wrote” or “Tease Me“. They are back on this track called “Tek it In“. The song is recorded on the 50/50 riddim by StarStruck.

Also make sure you check out the other artists featured on this great riddim; I-Candy, Esco, Exco Levi, Teko, Edge Michael, Bling, Taffy, Iba Mahr, Shanhill, Louie Culture, Hezron and Nadine Sutherland.

Its really funky, i like it. Check it out here:

Download Chaka Demus and Pliers – Tek it In at iTunes

4. Shuga – In Deh

Brand new release by Penthouse Records. Shuga with the song “In Deh“.

Check it out. Really nice.

Will soon be available on all major music distribution platforms.

5. Lutan Fyah – Keep On Fighting On

Lutan Fyah is really on fyah lately, releasing one tune after the other. This new one is called “Keep On Fighting On” and is recorded on the Confidential Riddim.

The riddim is produced by Dub Tone Music (Tim Dub) and was released in February 2015.

Confidential riddim also features these artists; John Blacks, Lexy & Deshy, Miguel, Jah Mason, Shandy Man and Mystery P.

Listen to Keep On Fighting On here:

Download Keep on Fighting On by Lutan Fyah at iTunes

Download Keep on Fighting On by Lutan Fyah at Amazon Mp3

6. Christopher Martin – Hideaway

Did u hear of the Jamaican/Canadian movie “Destiny“?

Starring; Karian Sang, Sabrina Diana Colie, Chris Martin and some of the biggest names in Jamaica’s entertainment put together on film.

For more information check out the official Facebook page of Destiny. Or check it out at IMDB.

The song “Hideaway” by Christopher Martin is from the soundtrack of the movie “Destiny“.


7. Norris Man featuring U-Brown – Reggae Roll Call

Not completely new, but released 2 months ago. Norris Man featuring U-Brown with the song “Reggae Roll Call“.

The song is produced by Partillo Productions and features the band; Hot This Year.

Check out “Reggae Roll Call

Download Norris Man ft. U Brown – Reggae Roll Call at iTunes

Download Norris Man ft. U-Brown – Reggae Roll Call at Amazon Mp3


8. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal ft. Gappy Ranks – Who are U

From the album “The Kings Book” by Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal released in May, 2014.

Here comes the song “Who are U” featuring Gappy Ranks.

One of my favorites lately. The track/album is produced by Oneness Records.

Listen to the song on the official soundcloud profile of Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal.

Download Who are U by Suga Roy, Conrad Crystal and Gappy Ranks at iTunes


9. Pressure – Once Again

Last week i allready did a small intro on the awesome new riddim by Don Corleon; Island Roots Riddim

(check out my previous article; 21 Massive Cool Reggae and Dancehall tracks released lately!).

One of my favorites on this riddim is the song performed by Pressure, called Once Again.

Although i must admit the other songs are also infectious.. 🙂

Check out Pressure – Once Again on Don’s official SoundCloud channel;

Download Pressure – Once Again at iTunes

Download Pressure – Once Again at Amazon Mp3


10. Acmatic ft. Mortimer – Free Jane

Check out the Jamaican band Acmatic, being eight members strong; King Lopo (vocalist), Philip Myers (lead guitar), Daniel Hew (bass), Joel Ashbourne (keys), Craig Lee (skins) and The Collar (mic). With producers; Plateface and The Beatnik Bill they form the band Acmatic.

They did this brand new song together with Mortimer, called “Free Jane“, released in February 2015.

Download Free Jane by Acmatic ft. Mortimer at iTunes

Download Free Jane by Acmatic ft. Mortimer at Amazon Mp3


11. Banx and Ranx – Bad Bwoy ft. Jodie Resther

Like i mentioned in my previous article; Brand New Reggae and Dancehall Tunes, im a big fan of Banx & Ranx. They are working on some new songs and will release a brand new track with Mikey General soon.

Until that time, they released this track a couple a days ago with Jodie Resther. The song is called “Bad Bwoy“.


12. Keznamdi – Hold On

Keznamdi is back with his brand new single “Hold On“.

Produced by Royal Order Music and released in February 2015.

Keznamdi also did some work before on the track “My love for You” with Chronixx.

Check out his new song “Hold On” on the official soundcloud channel of Royal Order Music;

Download “Hold On” by Keznamdi at iTunes

Download “Hold On” by Keznamdi at Amazon Mp3


13. Mavado – Live Blanket

Also released in February 2015 is the new single by Mavado, called “Live Blanket (Crank it)“.

Check it out! Some nice dancehall vibes. Produced by Armz House Records.

Download “Live Blanket (Crank it) by Mavado at iTunes

Download “Live Blanket (Crank it) by Mavado at Amazon Mp3


14. Iba Mahr – Bad Vibes

The song “Bad Vibes” by Iba Mahr is recorded on the “Sugar Lump Riddim” by Brixton Music Group.

The “Sugar Lump Riddim” is available in 2 different styles; Lovers Rock and Culture. Both released in February 2015.

Both riddim styles feature great artists; Pliers, Singer J, Amoui, Snatcha Lion, Chris Howell, Bascom X, Teflon, Ras Fraser, G Loc and more.

Check out the song by Iba Mahr – Bad Vibes, on the “lovers rock” version of the Sugar Lump Riddim;

Download “Bad Vibes” by Iba Mahr at Itunes

Download “Bad Vibes” by Iba Mahr at Amazon Mp3


15. Mahom – Trouble of the World

If u like dub and a bit of skankin’, then you definitely need to check this one out. It was released in 2014, about 3 or 4 months ago.

The song “Trouble of the World” is from the album “The Skankin Cat” by Mahom Dub.

The album also features exclusive remixes with; FabassTone, Panda Dub and more.

On the album the “Skankin Cat” you will also hear some guest performances by; Art-X, Flo, Spelim Simple and Jolly Joseph.

Check out the song “Trouble of the World

You can download the complete album for free, see the official Souncloud channel of MahomDub.

16. Jah Sun ft. Randy Valentine – My Brothers Keeper

I wrote about Jah Sun & House of Riddim new album release “New Paradigm” in my previous articles;

This song is called “My Brothers Keeper” and also features Randy Valentine. Great song!

Download “My Brothers Keeper” by Jah Sun and Randy Valentine at iTunes

Download “My Brothers Keeper” by Jah Sun and Randy Valentine at Amazon Mp3


17. Don’t Stop Riddim – Benn-i Productions

The brand new riddim i’ve been working on last week. Check out “Don’t Stop Riddim“.

Thought it would be a nice riddim title inspiring artists that wanna sing on the riddim.

The riddim is produced, arranged and composed by Benn-i Productions and was released on February 7th, 2015.

Don’t Stop Riddim is available as Basic, Premium or Unlimited Lease

You can see a part of how the riddim was made in Cubase 7.

I recorded the screen of Cubase with Camtasia Studio Screen recorder.

The cover (product box) that you see for “Don’t Stop Riddim“, was made with Cover Action Pro (see resources section for more information).


18. Collie Buddz – Prescription

This one just came in, brand new release by Rootfire and Collie Buddz. The song is called “Prescription”.

Prescription is a exclusive Rootfire worldwide premiere, check it out on the official soundcloud channel of Rootfire:

19. Rootfire ft. Eric Rachmany (Rebelution) – Bear with Me

From the album “Through the Roots” here comes Eric Rachmany of Rebelution. A Rootfire world Premiere.

The song Bear With Me, check it out here on official soundcloud channel of Rootfire:

Oh and here are 3 bonus tracks.. 😉


Bonustrack: Harmonie Deja – Hunger

Check out Harmonie Deja with the song “Hunger” on the “Every Time we Touch riddim“.

Riddim was released in October 2014. Every Time we Touch riddim also features; Gappy Ranks and others.

Produced by Universal Reggae Vibes / VPAL Music.

Check it out here:


Bonustrack – Patoranking ft. Tiwa Savage – Girlie O (remix)

A different style with more afrobeats in this remix. The song “Girlie O” is performed by Patoranking ft. Tiwa Savage.

The song also features some nice elements from the bam bam riddim. Song is called “Girlie O“.

Check it out;

Bonustrack – Disobey Riddim Medley Mix

From Rebelmadiaq Sound comes the new riddim called “Disobey Riddim“. The riddim will be released on February 17th. 2015.

Rebelmadiaq Sound is from Barcelona / Granada.

There are also limited vinyl editions available (2 x 7″), for more information see their official soundcloud channel.

Check out the Medley mix of Disobey Riddim here:

Last Notes

I hope you enjoyed all reggae and dancehall tracks. And let me know what u think of my new riddim.

If u are interested, please contact me.

Big up and talk to you next time!



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