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Interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations

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Yes, here we are again. This week another cool interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations straight outta Vienna!

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Interview with Syrix from IrieVibrations

Irievibrations Entertainment

UPDATE: See the exclusive new interview on Reggaeville with Syrix from Irievibrations

Who is IrieVibrations and why did you decide to go with Reggae Music (team, history etc)?

IrieVibrations EntertainmentThe label consist of three main partners that are also brothers! Professa who is responsible for the management, Tomic who manages all promotions and public relations and Syrix who runs the studio and is responsible for all musical / technical productions. Irievibrations Records was officially founded in 2003, even though we worked on the first releases for the label and our sound system in the year 2000. Due to the fact that a part of our family lives in Jamaica, reggae music was the logical choice for us!

What is the  proudest achievement of IrieVibrations?

Since we are working in that business for nearly 15 years there are too much achievements to mention. We are proud that we managed to stay successful for these many years and still have the power and enough good ideas to stay on top of the game for a next good wile.

What is your favorite tool/software for Reggae/Music Production and why?

First of all our studio facility in Vienna is responsible for a main part of that “Irievibrations Trademark Sound“. But if you want me to name one specific piece of equipment, it must be my original Fender Rhodes Piano from 1973 that you can hear on most songs that we produce.

How many artists have you worked with and how many riddims did you guys produce till now?

We worked with the most popular artists in the Reggae business since early 2000. To get a specific list, just check our label discography with over 90 releases (most of them are albums). We stopped counting how much riddims we build over the years but to give you one figure, I did build 203 Beats & Riddims (not just Reggae but also Hip Hop, Rnb & Soul Instrumentals) alone in 2013.

Can you tell a bit more about the brand new “Studio Chronicles” series, what’s coming up and what’s the goal eventually? Saw some great producers passing by (Don, Jammy etc)

We carried this “Studio Chronicles” idea with us for some years. We wanted to give the people an in-depth look into music production. In December 2013 we finally managed to shoot the documentary series together with our two partners Illuminati Films and Dreama Tv. Our goal was to educate people who are interested in music production / studio work and how they can achieve destined quality that is highly required now a days. We went to some of the most popular studios in reggae history like Harry J’s, Ancore Studio, King Jammy’s or Hitmaker Studio to interview their producers and asked them to give us some inside view on their work. On top of that we recorded some songs for our recent producer album “Solid Foundation” in these studios and used the music of that album as the official soundtrack for the documentary series.

Check out the full series of “Studio Chronicles” at


How do you manage to work with such great artists like; Raphael, Delus, Iriepathie, Uwe Kaa, Jahcoustix, Konshens, Junior Kelly, Anthony B, Luciano and the list goes on?

It must be the high quality standard of our musical productions and the good label work that we are doing that so many big artists want to work with us. When we decide to do an album, we put all our energy and ideas into the release to make it successful. We managed to build a worldwide physical & digital distribution network as well as proper promotional channels to give the artists that are signed with Irievibrations the best possible presentation for their work.

How do you record songs with these artists? How does it work? Do they all come to visit the studio or is everything managed online?

Our European artists like Raphael, Jahcoustix, Iriepathie or Uwe Kaa record and produce all their songs in our studio in Vienna. Also Konshens visits us regularly for productions and recordings. For example his hit “The Realest Song” was written and recorded in our studio. For the albums with Luciano or Anthony B we flew to Jamaica and recorded all songs together with them. Its very important to be in the studio with the artists to achieve the quality we are looking for. But it still happens some times that we link via Skype with some artists to reason about the songs before they record something.

Do you have a favorite reggae/dancehall artist or artists you prefer working with?

There are just very few artists left on our list that we never have worked with but it would be a honor for us to work with Beres Hammond or Buju Banton!

Where do you see Reggae and Dancehall in 2015/2016?

Since few years the reggae industry is going in a more positive direction. Artists getting more professional and the quality of productions is rising again. The unprofessional behavior of some artists and the lack of quality of some labels gave the reggae business a hard time and it still will take some years to come back to a higher standard of professionally through out the entire scene.

What’s coming up for IrieVibrations in 2015/2016?

We are currently working on the new Junior Kelly album that will be released later this year. People can expect a different Jr. Kelly on that record! We produced a lot of different styles beside reggae for him like RnB, Soul, Dancehall or Hip Hop. Watch out for that “Masterpiece

Beside that we work on new albums for Raphael and Jahcoustix, EP’s for Denham Smith and Iriepathie as well as countless productions, mixing, mastering and singles for artists from all over the world. Apart from the music we are going to launch or own clothing company called “IRIE URBAN

Info and Resources

Want to know more about IrieVibrations, Professa, Syrix or Tomic?

Find their online presence and more resources;




On the following page you can find all releases by IrieVibrations

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On the official soundcloud channels of Sentinel Sound and Irievibrations.

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Fun Fact

I did a remix of Jodeci – Freakin’ You, a while ago on the “Roll Out Riddim” by IrieVibrations (they gave me great feedback, they loved it),

you can listen to the demo here:

Hope you enjoyed the interview, thank you for visiting my webpage.

Stay tuned more is coming soon!

Talk to you soon.

Big up, Benn-i

ps; Make sure you check out the Studio Chronicle Series, awesome!

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