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Interview with Sam Gilly from House of Riddim

By Benn-i on May 10, 2015 in Blog , Featured , Interview , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments


After doing a great interview series with Silly Walks Discotheque and Oneness Records in my previous blog articles, time for another interview with House of Riddim!

I had the chance to talk to Sam Gilly from House of Riddim, we talked about their riddims, the amazing artists line-up, their goals for 2015 and question about reggae and dancehall in general.

House of Riddim is the top address for Roots reggae, located near St. Pölten, Austria. The prove to be first-class creators of wonderful groovy Roots Riddims.

Who is House of Riddim and why did you decide to go with Reggae Music?

House of RiddimHouse of Riddim is a band, a production team. We are doing a lot of live backing and our studio is well booked. In the studio of  House of Riddim we record riddims for several artists, produce or own riddims, we do mixing, mastering and so on. It was not a decision to doing Reggae. I mean, this is the music we love, so its simple to do it.

House of Riddim celebrated their 10 year anniversary a while ago, where did it all start?

It started in 2003 to produce our own riddims. A lot of artists gave us feedback that they love it and they wanted to voice it. In 2004 we recorded the first album; “House of Riddim” presents. During this period we also got our first backing band jobs. From this time on, it’s going up!

How Many artists did you work with and how many riddims did you produce?

Phuuu.. I think a few hundred.. 🙂

Bennie: For a small indication, take a look at their website; About House of Riddim

What is your favorite tool for Reggae/Music Production?

Strictly live instruments and Logic. From the instruments in the full analog mixing desk, into the ssl converters.

Find more equipment used in their studio here: Studio

Can you tell a bit more about your brand new release “Still Bones Riddim”?

Still Bones Riddim SelectionWell, this riddim was recorded long long time ago. I think in 2009. Over the years, more and more artists jumped on it and so we decided to put it out as a riddim selection. The riddim has an old-school vibe. Maybe thats the reason why the artist like it so much.

The Still Bones Riddim features some great artists, how did you manage to get those great artists on this riddim?

We know all those artists for a long time and we worked together. Some of the artists voice it in different studios. Some of them voice it in our studio in Austria. In 2015 it’s easy to send files everywhere in the world.

Are there songs or artists you dislike at the moment?

No. Every artists does what he does. So respect them. If you don’t like it, just don’t listen to it. Simple…

Where do you see Reggae and Dancehall in 2015?

Personally i love that reggae is more popular again. And i also love it that more band, Jamaican bands are around!

What’s coming up in 2015 for House of Riddim?

At the moment we are busy with recording in the studio. Mixing and producing. From June till September we will be on tour with Jah Sun and several artist.

In 2014 we were 7 months on the road and now we are back in the studio. Its good to work in the studio, a lot of things to do.

Info and Resources

Want to know more about House of Riddim?

Find their online presence and more resources.



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And a lot more! Check out iTunes or the shop at House of Riddim.

Talk to you soon.

Big up, Benn-i

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