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Update & How to Make a Reggae Beat in Minutes

By Benn-i on Apr 14, 2014 in Blog , Music , Reggae , Riddims , Sell Beats - 1 Comment


This month I want to share some new things with you all. A lot has happened the last couple months. Let me walk you through it.

Today I have this great new stuff for you;

– Statistics of Benn-i Productions and beats sold – April 2014
– New Riddims by Benn-i Productions and Collabs – April 2014
– Tutorial by Benn-i Productions / ReggaeBeats101 – YOUTUBE

Statistics of Benn-i Productions

While Benn-i Productions is only working in the Reggae genre since 2012, we can say that the beats/riddims/instrumentals are gaining more popularity and more interest daily. More and more artist contact Benn-i Productions for exclusive riddims, collaborations, questions, advice, support and much more.

Let me share some of the statistics of Benn-i Productions on SoundCloud. Benn-i has an Official SoundCloud channel called “Reggae-Beats-Riddims”.

Statistics Benn-i Productions on SoundCloudStats Benn-i-Productions-2

As you can see in the images (screen-prints from SoundCloud made with Windows Slice Tool) Benn-i Productions is proud to say that 1688! people follow the activity of Reggae Beats and Riddims. Next to that, beats are played 200-300 times a day, world-wide. Bringing the Total Plays to almost 60.000! I must say that im verry proud of what Benn-i Productions achieved in such a short amount of time in the Reggae Scene.

Beats Sold!

Last month Benn-i Productions sold more then 5 Exclusive Beats and 2 Lease Riddims. The status of the beats, that are sold exclusively, are changed to “SOLD”.  These beats are no longer available for purchase.



See this graphic, with an example how beats look like once they are sold;

But enough said about Statistics and Sells etc. Its time for some music now..



New Beats!

In the months March and April 2014, Benn-i produced two new Reggae Tracks. He got a lot of positive feedback on the two latest beats through Social Media, Benn-i Productions Website, Emails and SoundCloud. And quality is improving every time. I try to learn better mixing and engineering, so the final quality will become better and more suitable for artists.

You can check the beats/riddims/instrumentals here;

Smooth Ride Riddim

The first new riddim Benn-i wants to share with you, is the Smooth Ride Riddim. Its a fresh and cool One Drop Reggae riddim. With some great Reggae Horns, listen for yourself;

[soundcloud id=’140188823′]

Interested in this beat, riddim, instrumental? The Smooth Ride Riddim is available as Lease and Exclusive.

Buy Beat

Collaboration with Austria and Gambia

A while ago Benn-i did a collaboration with Ghetto Solja. Benn-i and Ghetto Solja have done more tracks together, since 2012. This time a new favorite joined our collab, called  “DeeJay Limbo“. Ghetto Solja and Limbo were featured in the collab on Benn-i’s “Tun Ova” Riddim. Check out the song here;

Ghetto Solja ft. Limbo – Keep on Movin (Tun Ova Riddim)

[soundcloud id=’132683938′]

Interested in this beat, riddim, instrumental? The Tun Ova Riddim is available as Lease.

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Limbo and Ghetto Solja introduced Benn-i to Sheriff Akatah, who is the owner of SAP-records and has his own Radio Show in Austria! How cool is that.. 🙂

After Benn-i send the riddim to Sheriff, they called each-other by telephone. Sheriff, as the professional he is, wanted to make sure that my name was pronounced in the right way. So we talked over the phone and had fun together. He told me he was working with a new upcoming talent, called “Ranger Tamel Lockz“. You can hear Ranger Lockz on the Weekend Whistle Riddim. Check it out here;

Ranger Lockz – Bonifide (Weekend Whistle Riddim)

[soundcloud id=’143940526′]

Interested in this beat, riddim, instrumental? The Weekend Whistle Riddim is available as Lease.

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Day by Day Riddim (NEW!)

In the weekend of April 5th (last weekend). Benn-i was working on a new Reggae, Dancehall Track he called “Day by Day Riddim”. This title was chosen, because Benn-i started his own internet business in February 2014. And as an entrepreneur you have to take your actions “Day-by-Day”. He got inspired by some tracks from Sean Paul. Thats why you hear the clapping in the beat.. 🙂 The beat has some nice guitar plays. Listen for yourself, and let me know if you like it;

[soundcloud id=’144337530′]

Interested in this beat, riddim, instrumental? The Day by Day is available as Lease and Exclusive!

Buy Beat

How To Make a Reggae Beat in Minutes

A lot of people asked me if I could do a short Tutorial on Reggae Beats. So i made this High quality YouTube Beats Tutorial for you all.

Equipment used in tutorial:

  • Cubase 7 (Steinberg);
  • Native instruments (Kontakt5)
  • Viena Concert Grand
  • Vintage Organs
  • Strawberry Evolution (Electric Guitar)
  • Nexus, Purity, Addictive Drums (X64) and Ilya Efimov Guitar Strum.

You can check out the HD tutorial (ReggeaBeats101) right here;

If you have any question about the Tutorial, comments are allowed on YouTube. Dont hesitate to ask me anything.

Every sample you see in this tutorial is hand-made by Benn-i Productions and his Casio CTK-900 and Akai Mpk49 Keyboard.

Benn-i Productions only works with high quality Virtual instruments. And makes every sample him self. See for a live example in the tutorial.

When Loops are used. Often the Beats and Riddims will be offered free. Since Benn-i only wants to sell “unique” music. And im no copycat (there are allready to many).

Just try to be original.. Always!

Ok, enough said for this week.. Hope to be back with you soon, with more great news about Reggae, Riddims, instrumentals and Beats.

Thank you for your time and reading the latest news on Benn-i Productions

Stay Tuned and Big Up, See you next Time




Ras Madedo January 17th, 2015

i like this beat as it is even though its tutorial,
can i have it now please.

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