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Did you hear the new collaborations of December 2013?

By Benn-i on Dec 27, 2013 in Blog , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

Its been a while since we posted our latest article – 10 Reggae Songs you should absolutely listen!.

Collaborations with different Artists

Benn-i Productions is doing a lot of networking with other artists, producers, beat-makers, promoters and selecta’s lately. Because of this the SoundCloud profile of Benn-i Productions (Reggae-Beats-Riddims) really exploded with new fans and followers. Bringing the fan base to; 1242 Followers as of today! Thank you all for following Benn-i Productions. We are really greatfull for that.

John Life

Through SoundCloud and Facebook Benn-i got in contact with the multi-skilled artist J.Life (John Life) from Barbados. They allready recorded 4 riddims together. We will showcase the riddims here and next to that you can listen to the new songs on the soundcloud Profiles of Benn-i Productions and J.Life.

Give Jah Praises

In November we recorded the song “Give Jah Praises” on the Ginga Riddim. With a live played bass-line it became a really nice and flowy riddim. John Life wrote the lyrics on this riddim together with Red Star Lion and Indrani. All from Barbados. The song allready received a lot of positive feedback. You can listen to the song here:

[soundcloud id=’121444232′]

Jah is my Shield

After Benn-i Productions and J.Life did their first collaboration, they teamed up again. This time for the 33 Riddim. J.Life did the lyrics and the recording in 1 day! Resulting in the song “Jah is My Shield”. A really nice productions featuring Indrani with her powerful voice. Listen to the track here:

[soundcloud id=’124889855′]

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In December Benn-i Productions produced a new riddim, called “TUN OVA RIDDIM”. Because of all the interest from different artists, Benn-i decided to offer this riddim for FREE. The riddim got a lot of credits, even from famous artists that Benn-i was loving in the early days. GREAT!

Do you think you have what it takes to perform on the TUN OVA RIDDIM? Contact me!

You can listen to the tagged version on SoundCloud, if you need the untagged version please contact Benn-i

[soundcloud id=’125104838′]

Life is a Blessing

Immediately after launching the TUN OVA RIDDIM, Benn-i got in contact again with J.Life. He wanted to record the song “Life is a Blessing” on the TUN OVA RIDDIM.
So we arranged a new production, again together with Indrani. And a wonderful song came out:

[soundcloud id=’125952543′]

Just Another Day

Last week Benn-i and J.Life recorded a new song again. This time on an older riddim, called “Just Another Day Riddim”. This riddim was made in 2012 and was allready featured on London Radio-stations and used by 14 different English Artists. Look in the video section for the complete remix (done by Guereg Selecta).

J.Life used the same name for the song as the riddim, and the results are phenomenal! The track was featured by some big promoters in the Reggae scene, on soundcloud. You can listen to the track here:

[soundcloud id=’126264942′]

Try your skills on the Just Another Day Riddim? Download for FREE

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We hope to get back at you soon, with a lot of new productions, new riddims/beats and instrumentals and off course some new collaborations worldwide!

Working on some new productions with Island Vibe Artist and new riddims coming up, so stay tuned.

Watch out for Benn-i Productions!

Bless, One Love and Big Up

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