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Did u hear all the new riddims of March 2014?

By Benn-i on Feb 24, 2014 in Blog , Featured , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

This month i wanna discuss some new, fresh and great reggae riddims released recently in the Reggae scene. Maybe some are familiair or sound familiair. I wanna give some background info on the riddims and give you a little preview on SoundCloud! Some of my favorites at the moment..

Overview – New TOP Reggae Riddims

Click on the Riddim to go the specific riddim.

Cane River Riddim
Diamonds Riddim
Swing Heavy Riddim
Fret Board Riddim
Cali Green Riddim
Babylon Debating
Rejoicing in Jah Glory
Zion Train Riddim
Natural Things Riddim
The Green & Jr. Blender
Things Like these
Push Wood

Cane River Riddim

Cane River Riddim by DJ Frass, released in february 2014. A fresh one drop riddim with some cool sounds!
featured Artists: I Octane, Alaine, Duane Stephenson, Richie Stephens, Morgan Heritage, Jah Cure, Ginjah, Kabaka Pyramid, J Boog and Jemere Morgan.

[soundcloud id=’132739881′]

Diamonds Riddim

Diamonds Riddim by Irie Ites, released in february 2014. This is a mix of the riddim with different artists.
featured artists: General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Solo Banton, Lion D, Tony D and more!

[soundcloud id=’132821821′]

Swing Heavy Riddim

Swing Heavy Riddim by Bizzarri Records & Itation Records, released in february 2014. I feature the mix of the Swing Heavy Riddim.
featured artists: Turbulence, Lutan Fyah, Raphael, Lion D, Jah Sun, Kabaka Pyramid, Delly Ranks, Ras Tewelde, Messenjah Selah, Sig Gaetani ft. Luca Sax.

[soundcloud id=’22265563′ format=’set’]

Fret Board Riddim

Fret Board Riddim by Penthouse Records, released few days ago in february 2014. Mix featured by Di Nasty Deejay.
featured artists: Exco Levi, D’Major, Nikki Burt, Konshens, Torch, Gyptain, Tifa and more.

[soundcloud id=’135830271′]

Cali Green Riddim

Cali Green by Mighty Mystic and VPAL Music 2014, released about 20 days ago in february 2014. Mighty did some brilliant work with this new riddim. It has some Jamrock vibes, but slidely different.. Check it out!

[soundcloud id=’131722430′]

Babylon Debating

Babylon Debating by reggae ambassador Iba Mahr! Babylon debating is produced by Born Rollin Music in february 2014! One of the personal favorites of Benn-i.

[soundcloud id=’131163868′]

Rejoicing in Jah Glory

Rejoicing in Jah Glory produced by Sick Donkey Records in february 2014. Check out this great song by Mark Wonder.

[soundcloud id=’131545925′]

Liv Up

Liv Up produced by LivUp Records and released a few days ago in february 2014. Tarrus Riley does another brilliant masterpiece.. Gotta love the one drop.

[soundcloud id=’135545212′]

Natural Things Riddim

Natural Things Riddim, another great riddim produced and digital released by Bizzarri Records. Was allready released in december 2013. The riddim is part of the compilation “Riddim Riders”. Volume 4. The nice thing about this riddim, it comes with a reggae and a seperate dancehall version!
featured artists: Jah Sun, Lion D, Raina, Miss Linda

[soundcloud id=’125577823′]


Great riddim remixed by the #1 riddimmaker of Germany: Jr. Blender. Its a remix on the version of The Green – Decisions. Check it out, you are gonna like it!

[soundcloud id=’131222653′]

Things Like These

New Riddim by Stainless Records, released 2 days ago and featuring top artist Busy Signal. The riddim is no one drop, but has a retro style..

[soundcloud id=’136084081′]

Push Wood

New riddim released 2 days ago and featuring Lutan Fyah! Riddim is recorded by Shiah Records in february 2014. With some retro B3’s..

[soundcloud id=’135794106′]

Benn-i lives in Groningen, Holland. And this week Lutan Fyah and Jah Mason will visit the city! Of course Benn-i will be there! Will tell more in the next post.
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Will be back later with more info, new riddims and updates!!

Big up, Benn-i

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