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Brand New Releases, Riddims and Beats, SoundCloud, RouteNote, Beatstars & Monetizing

By Benn-i on Jun 30, 2015 in Beats , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

I’ve been busy for the last few months, making new riddims, collaborating with different artists, radio stations, other producers, selectah’s and much more.

In this  blogpost i will cover some of the newest riddims, releases and remixes. Also i will tell your more on how you can register your beats and monetize them on SoundCloud.

Featuring; Stxnga, Mark Balet, DeeJay Limbo, J.Life, Designer, SAP Records.

A lot has happened lately and Benn-i is gaining more and more followers, fans, plays, views etc.


Releasing new riddims, working together with some awesome artists and producers and more. In this blogpost i will tell you more about all new things and what’s going on with Benn-i Productions. Lets kick of with some info about Music Distribution;

Music Distribution

More and more tunes by Benn-i can be found on all major music distribution platforms;

iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Wimp, YouTube, Xbox Music, Rhapsody and Music Unlimited:

Music Broadcast- Benn-i

Monetizing & Registering your Beats

BEatstarsMore and more platforms are realizing that music should be or could be monetized much more easily, without all the hassle and the big money for labels and music production companies who are mainly intermediates in the industry.

Artists can register for free at Beatstars and Soundcloud, which is not only good for promotion but also for distribution and monetizing.

For more information on integrating SoundCloud with BeatStars, check out this link:!soundcloud

Find the Beatstars profile of Benn-i Productions

Next to Beatstars integrating with Soundcloud, there are much more possibilities. Since a while im using RouteNote.

RouteNote & SoundCloud

RoutenotecentrelogoWith Routenote its possible to monetize and register your songs for FREE!

When using the FREE plan, you will get 85% of all royalties. But remember that your tune will be released to all platforms, you see in the image above.

Its also possible to register for a premium account with RouteNote, than you will get the full 100%.

SoundCloud Visual Banner

Benn-i Productions is Reggae Beats and RiddimsIm on SoundCloud now for a couple a years and recently i saw more and more big artists/producers/channels with visual banners on their profile. So i reached out to SoundCloud and asked why this was only for major labels and artists. They answered that this was a beta version, which SoundCloud invites artists for.

I replied, that i think its not fair, since everybody pays the same amount on SoundCloud. So why the difference between artists/producers/channels?

Luckily i got a reply from somebody in the US, who advised me to use “RouteNote“.

I registered an account for FREE at RouteNote, and i allready registered four (4) of my beats.

You will get your own “ISRC” number and a “EAP” number for each release, which are used for registering your song and more stuff i will get into later (streaming, payment etc).

After i registered my releases, they asked me to send a “visual banner” with the dimensions 1240 x 260 px.

Check out my brand new Visual Header for Benn-i Productions on SoundCloud;

BIG (3)




It looks so much better and more professional now.. 🙂

To check whether your banner is ok (dimensions etc), you can use this special page of SoundCloud;

  1. Enter your Soundcloud URL/Profile;
  2. Upload an image and you will see how the results are.


Like i said in the intro, i’ve been busy lately with collabs, releases, riddims and more. In this section i will tell you more about that.

Im working on multiple releases with some great artists like; Mark Balet, Stxnga, DeeJay Limbo, J.Life, Indrani, Romeo Williams aka Designer and more.

First one i wanna share with you is from Stxnga, we working on a brand new album called “ReggaeLution“.

The first track we did together is;

Stxnga – In Command

Check it out here. The riddim was produced, arranged and engineered by Benn-i and is called the “Try Harder Riddim“.

‘In Command’ is a no holds barred criticism of human rights within modern society from Jamaican born singer Stxnga. Armed with a roots reggae riddim & distinctly unique voice, he delivers his message in a powerful rockers style.

Now based in Italy, Stxnga’s viewpoint goes beyond the Jamaican environment to bring up issues most people living in any Babylonian society can relate to. The main issue being how little value is placed on human life, due to those who are ‘In Command’.

Stxnga takes no prisoners in his lyrical attack and the atmosphere of the track is complimented perfectly by the ‘Try Harder Riddim‘ provided by Benn-i.

This heavyweight introduction single already has me looking forward to more from Stxnga! By purchasing this top ranking single you can help support his upcoming album and help bring this excellent reggae artist to the fore!

Fans of roots reggae, both new & old should definitely check this release out.

Stxnga – Inna Di Dance

Second release for the ReggaeLution Album is “Inna Di Dance”. Benn-i produced the “Keyser Söze Riddim“, which was used for this song.

Speaks out on the injustice of humanity how politician and police along with the government abuse and miss lead and used there power to hold down the people of society.
Stxnga with another bang for the upcoming album Reggaelution.

The song also has an awesome video, which was taken in Italy and Vienna;

Official YouTube Video of Inna di Dance by Stxnga

The video is doing great on YouTube with around 15K plays till now.

Jaheire also wrote a great review about the track “Inna Di Dance”, which can be found here:!Stxnga-Inna-Di-Dance/cmbz/5576cc3d0cf293eac8065470

Stxnga – Inna Di Dance is also available at iTunes.

Next coming up is J.Life with a brand new release called “Get Bizzy”, which is perfect for the Carnivals and festivals coming up in Barbados.

J.Life ft. Indrani – Get Bizzy

This song was done on the brand new “Ultimate Summer Riddim” produced, arranged and engineered by Benn-i

J.Life, Indrani and Benn-i worked on a lot of riddims, tracks and a brand new album earlier.

Mark Balet – Promise

This track is doing very good at the moment, since its published with VPAL Music.

Until now we allready reached +26,000 plays and over 700 likes and +70 shares.

The song is recorded on the “Tiny Things Riddim“, which is produced, engineered and arranged by Benn-i

Listen to the track here at the official VPAL SoundCloud channel:

Upcoming Releases

Coming up are some new, fresh and unique sounds from Benn-i collaborating with SAP Records and Gorilla War Fear (Designer Music Universe).

Wait for some awesome tunes coming up from DeeJay Limbo and Designer!

Im also working on some partnerships with Cheryl Tailor who has her own radio station/channel, Jaheire and other producers/beatmakers. Its all about networking you know.. 😉

Here is a little preview, of something coming up;

Designer – taking it to another level…. seen…

Designer - taking it to another level


Stay tuned, more is coming up. At the same time im cross-posting a brand new blogpost with all new remixes lately by Benn-i / Rub & Dub.

See Ya Soon!

Rspct, Benn-i

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