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Best Reggae and Dancehall tracks lately

By Benn-i on Oct 01, 2014 in Beats , Blog , Featured , Instrumentals , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

Some really good reggae and dancehall tracks were released lately. I want to share a few with you here in this blogpost. And do a little introduction on some of the artist and their tunes.

I also made some new riddims and beats myself the last months. You can check the latest riddim here: In My Mind Riddim

In this blog post i will share the Best Reggae and Dancehall tracks lately.

1. J. Capri – Boom and Bend over

Awesome riddim created by Head Concussion Records (producer Rvssian). The song is called Boom and Bend over by J. Capri

J.Capri, also known as Jordan Phillips is Head Concussions Records first lady, as she says it. And known from “Reverse it” and “Whine & Kotch” with Charly Black. I like the reggae mixed up with some reggaeton, moombahton and bubbling. Some great producing skills by Rvssian. And off course the smooth voice of J. Capri..

[soundcloud id=’162028866′]

2. Clay – First Chapter

Clay, also known as Clayton Morris is no stranger within the reggae scene. He did some great work allready on the song “Hold my Hand” by Sean Paul, which he produced together with Arif Cooper.

He did some great album releases allready, but i like the new one called “First Chapter”. One of my favorite songs from the album is called; “Fire”, you can listen to the song below on SoundCloud

[soundcloud id=’162143959′]

3. Christopher Martin – Prayer

Christopher Martin has been around a while in the reggae scene and i must say im always a big fan of his songs and creations. Chris won Digicel rising stars in 2005 (sort of Jamaican idols). Also worked together with Arif Cooper, Shane Brown and Christopher Birch. Famous by the songs; nah go change, take my wings and jamaican girls.

This one is also produced by Rvssian, Head Concussion Records

[soundcloud id=’164846461′]

4. Barrington Levy – Lies

Since the early days i really love the music of Barrington Levy. Tell me who doesnt know Here i Come or Under mi Sensi? Great masterpieces. The song Lies is produced by mister Barrington Levy himself

[soundcloud id=’168895357′]

5. Tell Me Lies – Celia ft. Shaggy

Shaggy is off course known for Carolina, Mr. Boombastic and other great hit songs. This one is recorded together with Celia and produced by Costi (the music producer). Its recorded in 2013, but i think its suits this blogpost perfectly.

[soundcloud id=’167362255′]

6. Notis,  Iba Mahr and Tarrus Riley – Diamond Sox

I liked the original version of Diamond Sox by Iba Mahr, but the remix by Notice Productions is also great featuring Notis and Tarrus Riley. Listen for yourself

[soundcloud id=’167578891′]

7. Shaggy ft. Sanchez – With You

This song is by Shaggy, this time together with reggae and dancehall singer Sanchez (Kevin Anthony Jackson). Produced by Ranch Entertainment, which i believe is the in-house recording company of Shaggy.

[soundcloud id=’167576409′]

8. Tessanne Chin ft. Assassin – Everything reminds me of you

Great tune by Tessanne Chin who is known for winning “The Voice” (singing competition) and is also the younger sister of Tami Chynn. Featuring Assassin, who is also known as Agent Sasco.

[soundcloud id=’167569169′]

9. Spawnbreezie – Every Little bit of you

Spawnbreezie (Anapogi) brings you some good island reggae. Or how he refers to it “Island Hip Hop”.

[soundcloud id=’167622401′]

10. Gappy Ranks – Me Alright

Great song by Gappy Ranks and a single of the upcoming riddim “Travellers” from Larger Than Life Records.

[soundcloud id=’166634561′]

11. Christopher Martin – Playing Games with my Heart

I allready told you that i think Christopher Martin is a great artist. He sounds smooth again on this great riddim called the “Take it Easy Riddim” and is produced by Ranch Entertainment. Its a remade version of the song Take it Easy from Desmond Dekker.

[soundcloud id=’167647243′]

12. Romain Virgo – Stay with Me

Another great artist. Romain Virgo brings you Stay with Me and its a reggae cover of Sam Smith’s (UK Singer) Stay with Me. The riddim is produced by Lifeline Music (Niko Browne).

[soundcloud id=’162425963′]

13. Gappy Ranks – Murderer

Murderer by Gappy Ranks, the riddim is produced by Asha D Records.

[soundcloud id=’162150090′]

14. Busy Signal – Nah Follow Dem

The song Nah Follow Dem is performed by Busy Signal on the Freedom Fire Riddim, produced by IndeWorks. The Freedom Fire riddim also features other great artists like; Exco Levi and R.C (Righteous Child).

[soundcloud id=’164667742′]

15. Lloyd Brown – No Soul Today

I came across this tune on SoundCloud last month, its a nice beat/riddim called No Soul Today from the album “Tun it Up of the 4th Kind”. The song is produced by Heavy Beat Recordings and also features artists like; Al Campbell, Stevie Face, Glen Washington and Kashief Lindo.

[soundcloud id=’164668689′]

Hope you enjoyed some of my latest Reggae and Dancehall favorites. As i allready mentioned in the intro, i was working on some reggae beats myself as well (Know it All Riddim, In My Mind Riddim. And i also recorded another great song together with Indrani and J. Life, called “Everything will be Ok”. Its a great and uplifting song, which matched perfect on the Gimme Life Riddim

You can listen to the song here on SoundCloud on my channel:

[soundcloud id=’161567970′]

See ya soon!

Best, Benn-i

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