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Benn-i Productions works together with multiple artists, producers and other partners. On this page you will find a summary.


All Partners of Benn-i Productions. Working together on distribution, remixing, producing and engineering.

Riddimify and Benn-i Productions Teamed up – Largest online Reggae and Dancehall Directory

Benn-i Productions and Riddimify teamed up. Riddimify is the largest online directory for the best Reggae and Dancehall Riddims around.  Riddimify is a promotional platform, designed and created for DJ’s, Producers, Selecta’s and for you to support the Reggae and Dancehall Movement!

On you can find a selection of the finest and hottest Reggae and Dancehall Riddims. Available for promotional download and on major platforms as iTunes.

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Buy My Reggae dot Com! – Buy Reggae and Dancehall Beats

Welcome to the sales page of Benn-i Productions called Buy My Reggae. On Buy My Reggae you can signup directly for Benn-i his emaillist and receive up to 10 Free dancehall and Reggae beats for FREE. Next to Free beats, you will receive information about Reggae and Dancehall in general, riddims, releases, artists and much more. What are you waiting for, signup today. Remember its free. And you can sign out whenever you want.

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The website also has a nice “about” section, with more about Benn-i Productions.

ReggaeFy – Share your Reggae and Dancehall sounds with the rest of the world!

Another add to the network of Benn-i Productions is ReggaeFy! Reggaefy is a platform that has a lot of similarities with Soundcloud. offers a platform for Reggae and Dancehall lovers world wide who want to share their beats and riddims with the rest of the world. You can sign up for a free account and upload up to 200MB! Connect with other people worldwide and share your sounds with the rest of the world! Signup today, its FREE.

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Its also great to have another promotion channel for myself, friends and partners. In this way we can spread Reggae and Dancehall world wide. Start Today!

Benn-i Productions and partner Faya Productions – Official Partner of Benn-i Productions

Benn-i Productions and Faya Productions work together since 2011 and are official partners in the music industry. They allready produced more than 5 killer Riddims together and still working on more. Benn-i was also responsible for a part of the basic website for Faya Productions. Riddims produced so far together with Faya Productions are; Trouble Double Riddim, Social Friends Riddim and Turn Me On Riddim. At the moment we are working on a new riddim version. Faya Productions is a specialist when it comes to Cubase, Zouk, Soca, Reggae and Dancehall. Faya Productions is a great guy called “Jeffrey – Beatmaker”. We became really good friends while working together and learned a lot from each other.


All producers Benn-i Productions collaborates with. Coming from all area’s world wide. From Jamaica to Denmark, Austria and Barbados.

Collegaue Producer Leighton Murray from Small Axe Music Productions

Benn-i Productions and Small Axe Music Productions also work together. We haven’t finished our first collaboration riddim yet, but we are working on it. Small Axe Music Productions is owned by a great Reggae and Dancehall producer called Leighton Murray. Leighton is from Jamaica. He has great skills on creating some of the most unique beats. Next to Reggae and Dancehall, Leighton is also not a stranger to other genres like R&B, Fusion etc. The logo you see was developed by Benn-i! Click on the logo to go to the website of Small Axe Music Productions.


Benn-i Productions and SAP records also work together on different riddims/beats and collaborations with Artists world wide. Artist like: DeeJay Limbo, Ranger Tamel Lockz, Gyarison and JahReal! SAP Records is owned by a great guy called “Sheriff Akatah”, Mr. Multitalented. He lives in Austria and was born in Ghana. A Producer, DJ, Radio and more! He has a daily radioshow called “Voice of Africa” on radio FRO 105.0

Sheriff allready did some great music clips, productions, mixing and mastering. You can find his releases on YouTube. Sheriff and Benn-i also teamed up on some great releases:

At the moment they are working on new releases together with JahReal and Gyarison. Stay tuned, will be released soon!

Life over Death Productions and Benn-i Productions

Benn-i Productions also works together a lot with Life over Death Productions from Zangeif Demera. A great multiskilled artist from Barbados. Zangeif has the alias J.Life (John Life) and through J.Life Benn-i was introduced to Indrani (IslandMoon) with her powerfull voice. Benn-i, J.Life and Indrani did some great releases together. And also released the first official album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Google Play and more!

At the moment we are working on some new productions!

For more information on John Life look at his website

For more information on Indrani look at her website


Benn-i Productions has worked with a wide range of different artist over the years. This section will tell something more about the artist, their heritage and the connection with Benn-i Productions.

  • RastaYaad/Stxnga (Italy) – Benn-i and Stxnga are working on the brand new album “Reggaelution“.
  • Mark Balet (USA) – Benn-i and Mark Balet are working together on different releases at the moment.
  • J.Life (Barbados) – Benn-i and J.Life did more then 30 different productions together and even released the album “Life & Love“, which is available through iTunes and more.
  • Indrani (Barbados) – Benn-i and Indrani also did more then 20 different riddims together, most of them also with J.Life. Indrani is also on the Life and Love Album.
  • Deejay Limbo (Ghana) – Together with Limbo, Benn-i produced one track called “Keep on Movin”, also featuring Ghetto Solja.
  • Gyarison (UK) – Benn-i and Gyarison worked together on the track called “One in a Million“. At the moment we are working on a new riddim, stay tuned!
  • Ranger Tamel Lockz (Ghana) – Ranger, Benn-i and SAP records teamed up for the song “Bonifide” by Ranger Lockz!
  • Lion Tunda (Canada) – Together with Lion Tunda, Benn-i did a full album called the Lion Tunda Clash! Available on iTunes
  • Ghetto Solja (Spain) – Benn-i and Ghetto Solja did a lot of work together, on different riddims. Latest was a collab with DeeJay Limbo, Ghetto Solja and SAP Records. Check Nah Let her Go on YouTube.
  • Jah Turban (Denmark) – Jah Turban and Benn-i worked together on the Irie irie and Go Slow Riddim, which were used for the Full Album Mama Africa by Jah Turban
  • Kiihjano (Sweden) – Kiihjano and Benn-i worked together on the Rebelicious Riddim, featuring Jah Turban. Benn-i and Kiihjano also did 2 other songs together (Fi Dem Gyals and Mama).
  • FusBaan (FirstBorn) (UK) – Benn-i did a lot of work together with Firstborn/Fusbaan LNJ from 2012 till now. Can’t believe on the Real rasta riddim, 2012, Don’t Cry and thank you for today.
  • Fyaado (Naado Ellis) (Jamaica) – Fyaado and Benn-i teamed up to record “No turning Back” on the Chalwah Riddim.
  • Nicoteen Nicomatic (Trinidad) – Nicoteen is a Dancehall artists. He and Benn-i worked on the song “Fat Lady” on the Tun Ova Riddim by Benn-i.
  • Lucky Kid Kimali Smith (Jamaica) – Did several songs on different riddims, varying from Chalwah riddim to Real rasta riddim by Benn-i.
  • Carlos Vargas (WarriorStreet) (Costa Rica) – Carlos did the song “Legalize it” on the Chalwah Riddim and the song “Llegara el Amor” together with Shainy on the Tun Ova Riddim.
  • Jah Model and Empire Rebelz (UK) Benn-i and Jah Model produced the album “I & I” together in 2012. Worked a lot together on more then 20 different riddims and Just Another Day Riddim Album with 14 different UK Artist.
  • Ras Kinah (UK) Ras Kinah, Jah Model and Benn-i teamed up for this collaboration and produced the song “Get to Know Me” by Ras Kinah on the Blessed Day Riddim, produced by Benn-i.
  • Neekoshy (Italy) – Neekoshy did a song on different riddims, but untill now he released 1 track through YouTube.
  • Color a.k.a Sista Ablavi (Spain) Sista Ablavi did the song “Tómalo con Calma” on the Big Change Riddim.
  • Ras Fonte (Spain) RasFonte did the song “Lo queu Hace el Amor” on the Real Rasta Riddim and the song “La Chica 26” on the Loverman Riddim.
  • Mad Indian / Nex Lev(USA) Worked together on “Rasta Heart” and “Jamaica Ghetto Life” with Koalishan Music.
  • Meagan Simone (USA) – Meagan Simone and Miss Reeva did the song “Trust in Him” on the Luvin U Riddim from Benn-i Productions. Mixed by Soundbwoy Productions.
  • Dollar (UK) – Dollar did the song “Love like This” on the Bless Dem Riddim.
  • Madi Simmons (US) – Madi recorded a song on the Ginga Riddim, called “Inna This Time Forward On“.

For more information on the artists or Benn-i Productions see my contact or FAQ pages.

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