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21 Massive Cool Reggae and Dancehall tracks released lately!

By Benn-i on Feb 03, 2015 in Blog , Featured , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 0 Comments

I cant help it, but so many wonderful productions are released lately by the greatest reggae and dancehall artists and producers. So had to write this post, but you probably won’t mind. 🙂

This week i will feature some brand new releases by; Randy Valentine, Clay, Vybz Kartel, Spice, New Kingston, Fred Locks, Gentleman (MTV unplugged), Tanya Stephens, Chronixx, Mystic Revealers, Kiwini Vaitai, Lutan Fyah, La Toya Linger, Fusbaan, Stick Figure, The Skints, Tippa Irie, Katchafire, Rebelution, Don Corleon, Shaggy, Cecile, Pressure, Kranium, Busy Signal and even Dennis Brown and an awesome YouTube animation video of Reggae Shark by Key of Awesome Website.

With so many things going on in the world today, seems like reggae is the perfect political and lyrical tool to discuss this. Some reggae and dancehall artists keep on rising while others struggle much more and have to work harder to achieve more fame and (financial) freedom. What to think of Gully Bop (aka Countryman) and his career, everything is going up lately. Big up for Gully Bop.

In this post i will share 21 cool reggae and dancehall tracks with you.

Last week i wrote a brand new article on some on the newest releases of Jah Sun and the House of Riddim, check out my article here:

Brand New Reggae and Dancehall Tunes

I did a slight modification as i received a mail from the House of Riddim, who worked together with Jah Sun on the album “New Paradigm“. I was telling about the new album in my previous article and confused the new album with the previous album. Thats why i mentioned other production companies as Bost and Bim and TNT.

The album New Paradigm is exclusively produced by House of Riddim.

Now we rectified this, we can zoom in on some new releases.

21 Massive Cool Reggae and Dancehall tracks released lately!

Every week new releases top the charts in iTunes, Amazon and also on YouTube and SoundCloud and many more platforms. So i decided to share another post/article with you, with some of the best reggae and dancehall releases lately. Reggae and dancehall are getting more recognition every day, every week and every month and i love it!

Here are 21 massive cool tunes. Some just released, some just a few months ago.

1. Randy Valentine – Certified

Im a big fan of Randy Valentine, and i immediately bought his new album when it was released to support him and Hemp Higher Productions. The album “Break the Chain” features some of the greatest hits by Randy (with my personal favorite “Lock Me Up”). The album was mixed by Riga from Hemp Higher Productions and one of my favorite reggae producers Jr. Blender.

This week the brand new song “Certified” was released on YouTube. I wanna share this great new song with you here. It was produced by Hemp Higher and Snowcone!

Certified by Randy Valentine will be available soon on digital platforms as iTunes, Amazon and more.

2. Clay – Can i have My heart Back

Another great new song is the song by Clay produced by Silly Walks Discotheque called “Can i have my heart back“.

Im also a big fan of reggae group “The Green“, and i heard some similarities in the riddim, so i decided to contact Oliver Schrader (Silly Walks Discotheque) and ask him about this. Since i also love the song by The Green – Come in featuring Jacob Hemphill from SOJA.

Oliver wrote me back this message:

“thanks Bennie, it is in fact an old riddim by the evolution band that we’ve picked up and did some small changes with. we’ve actually teamed up to work with some of their riddims and build some new ones together. there is one more old song by Jah melody that is already released on the riddim”.

I was happy to hear this, since i love the work of Silly Walks Discotheque. They really put reggae on the map with their brilliant productions and riddims and they worked with a lot of my favorite reggae artists like Chronixx, Exco Levi, Daville, Morgan Heritage and the list goes on.

You can listen to the brand new song Can I Have My Heart Back by Clay here on the official SoundCloud channel of Silly Walks Discotheque.

Can i have my Heart Back” performed by Clay and produced by Silly Walks Discotheque and Big Finga will soon be available on all digital platforms.

I did an article on the album “First Chapter by Clay”, you can find it here.

3. New Kingston – Out Ah Street

In my previous article “Brand New Reggae and Dancehall Tunes” that i wrote last week, i allready mentioned and introduced New Kingston. I was caught by this new song last week, which reminded me of the song “Nuttin’ a Go So” from Notch. Remember this great hit!

Check out this great version of New Kingston called “Out Ah Street“:

Download Out Ah Street by New Kingston at Amazon Mp3

Download Out Ah Street by New Kingston at iTunes

4. Vybz Kartel and Spice – Conjugal Visit

Been released a while ago, but must be mentioned. 🙂 Great song by Spice and Vybz Kartel, the riddim was produced by TJ Records and distributed through VP Records. The video was shot in Kingston, Jamaica. Check out the official music video of Vybz Kartel and Spice – Conjugal Visit (official music video).

This song is also featured on the new EP by Spice, So Mi Like it. Released in december 2014. Listen to “Conjugal Visit here” (explicit lyrics!)

Download Conjugal Visit by Vybz Kartel and Spice at Amazon Mp3

Download Conjugal Visit by Vybz Kartel and Spice at iTunes

5. Don Corleon – Island Roots Riddim

Next to Jr Blender i have some other reggae producers whom’s work i really like. One of them is Don Corleon, who really made a difference in 2002/2003 with the new one drop reggae rhythms. Think about Drop Leaf riddim etc. Huge hits. The next upcoming hit from Don is called Island Roots Riddim. Which features some great artists like; Cecile, Shaggy, Jah Melody and Pressure.

Check out the remix by Don Corleon Records here, the riddim will be released in February on all major distribution platforms (iTunes, Amazon) you can allready pre-order.

Pre-order Island Roots Riddim by Don Corleon at iTunes

Pre-order Island Roots Riddim by Don Corleon at Amazon Mp3

6. Fred Locks – Love You Need

Next release coming up is by Fred LocksLove you Need, produced by Irie Sounds.

Check out this great song on the brand new In Love Riddim;

Download Fred Locks – Love You Need at iTunes

Download Fred Locks – Love You Need at Amazon Mp3

7. Katchafire – Down With You

Reggae roots coming from Hamilton, New Zealand. With members; Logan Bell, Thompson Hohepa, Grenville Bell, Jamey Ferguson, Leon Davey, Haani Totorewa, Tere Ngarua and Jordan Bell. Forming the band Katchafire. They already had some great hits before.

The song “Down with you” was released in October 2014, check it out on SoundCloud here:

Download Katchafire – Down With You at iTunes

Download Katchafire – Down with You at Amazon Mp3

8. Mystic Revealers featuring Chronixx – Herb Must Legalize Now

I think all reggae and dancehall lovers will agree on this topic / title of the song. The new song by Chronixx and Mystic Revealers with the title “Herb must Legalize Now“.

Maybe you allready heard about Marley Natural? If u didn’t, then you definitely have to check dis out; Marley Natural. Global brand of cannabis inspired by the one and only Bob Marley!

Check out the song on SoundCloud;

Pre-order Herb Must Legalize Now by Mystic Revealers and Chronixx at Amazon Mp3

9. Lutan Fyah – Sacrifice

Another great song by one of my favorite reggae artists, Lutan Fyah.

This song is called “Sacrifice” and is recorded on the Black Roots Riddim (will be available for listen soon at, produced by Nyle Banks Music in 2015.

Pre-order Sacrifice by Lutan Fyah at iTunes

10. La Toya Linger featuring Mr. Patze – Busdriver

I came across this tune last week. I was really surprised by the song performed by La Toya Linger and Mr. Patze. By GIG international. Check it out, i love the bass line of the riddim and the voice of La Toya.

She did some work together previously with artist Charly Black on the Currency Riddim.

Busdriver” by La Toya Linger and Mr. Patze will be available soon at all major distribution platforms (iTunes, Amazon Mp3).

11. Tanya Stephens – Pon Di Side

Who doesn’t know Tanya Stephens from huge hits like “Its a Pitty” and in the early days “Big things a Gwaan“.

From her album “Guilty” this song is called “Pon Di Side“.

Download Pon Di Side by Tanya Stephens at iTunes

Download Pon Di Side by Tanya Stephens at Amazon Mp3

12. Kiwini Vaitai – Never Grow Cold

I featured Kiwini before on my blog articles. With the songs “Hard Times” and “Love give it Away” featuring Jah Maoli. If you like some cool and relax island reggae then you can’t miss out on Kiwini Vaitai. A great artist, similar to J.Boog, Fiji, Samu and more.

The song “Never Grow Cold” was released in September 2014.

Download Never Grow Cold by Kiwini Vaitai at iTunes

Download Never Grow Cold by Kiwini Vaitai at Amazon Mp3

13. Fusbaan – They Just Don’t Know

This one, i wanted to share with you. I worked with Fusbaan back in the days on different riddims and he is now releasing his official songs with VPAL Music! Way to go bro! Thats why i thought it would be nice to feature the newest song in my blogpost from my friend Firstborn aka Fusbaan, the man is working hard to achieve his goals and i love that.

The song is called They Just Dont Know and is featured on the Together Riddim, check it out here:

Will be soon available on digital distribution platforms. Check out the songs “Drunken Sex” and “Love you more” on the Push Back Riddim and the Here We Go Riddim.

14. Kranium – History

In my previous post i told about Kranium and his release “Nobody has to Know“. This was a real hit on YouTube and SoundCloud and there was a reggae remix version made by Bost and Bim. Kranium just released a brand new song called “History”. Its allready going up again.. Also coming up is the song “Love it when you talk dirty to me” featuring Latty J.

Will be available soon on all major distribution platforms.

15. Gentleman – MTV Unplugged 2014

If u like Gentleman and u love reggae you are definitely in for a threat with this MTV Unplugged session. I watched all the songs and they are awesome perfomed by Gentleman and also feature guest performances by; Kymani Marley, Campino, Tanya Stephens, Milky Chance, Marlon Roudette, Martin Jondo, Tamika, Shaggy and Christopher Martin. The unplugged series feature 31 different songs.

When you watch the YouTube video’s of the MTV Unplugged series, you will also see and hear Dean Fraser, the Saxophone Boss. The album was released earlier in 2014.

Download Gentleman MTV Unplugged at iTunes

Download Gentleman MTV Unplugged at Amazon Mp3

16. The Skints feat. Tippa  Irie and Horseman – This Town

Came across this tune, while writing this article. Just released by The Skints from London, UK. Featuring Tippa Irie and Horseman.

Check out the song “This Town” on the official SoundCloud channel of The Skints;

17. Stick Figure – Livin’ It

Released a few months ago, the new release by Stick Figure. Stick Figure is an American Roots reggae and dub band based in Southern California.

Check out their song called “Livin’ It“. The song was released in August 2014. Two months before that (June 2014) they did a great song with Collie Buddz, “Smokin’ Love“.

Download Stick Figure – Livin it at iTunes

Download Stick Figure – Livin it at Amazon Mp3

18. Rebelution – Roots Reggae Music

From their EP “Count Me In” that was released in June 2014. Rebelution released a brand new remix EP in January 2015, called “Count Me In Remix EP“. One of my favorite songs from the first EP was “Roots Reggae Music”.

Check out this remix version by Dub Architect & RebelutionRoots Reggae Music featuring Don Carlos and Katchafire.

Download the Count Me In Remix Ep at iTunes

19. Dennis Brown – Birthday Playlist

To celebrate the life of “The Crown Prince of Reggae“, Dennis Brown. With his unique and soulful vocals. He was the favorite singer of Bob Marley.

I still love all songs by Dennis Brown, his songs always take me back to the good old memories of the 90’s.

Check out the Birthday playlist at the official soundcloud profile of VP records.

You should really check out their soundcloud channel (VP Records), featuring other great albums like “Strictly the Best. Vol. 50 and 51“. And the album from Etana, “I Rise“.

20. Reggae Shark – Animation Video

If u love reggae, then you’ve probably seen Reggae Shark swimming around on YouTube with more then 7 million hits.

Reggae Shark is an animation video by Key of Awesome Website.

The animation was done by Kieran Michael O’Hare, the voice of Reggae Shark is by Todd Womack and the music is produced by Deep V Music.

Check it out, its hilarious. The “tail” of the misunderstood Reggae Shark – Animation video:

21. Busy Signal – What If

This one i just came across on YouTube, i got notified on this one through Twitter.

Check it out, brand new single by one of my favorites Busy Signal.

Here is the official HD video with the song “What If” by Busy Signal;


This week i finished my resource page at Benn-i Productions. You can go to this section to check out the resources/tools of the trade that i want to share with you. You can find tools for everything here; hosting, webdesign, graphics, help, downloads, themesfile sharing, stock photo’s, toolsdeals and much much more. Don’t forget to bookmark the resources page for your convenience.

New License Plans

I also updated all licenses and all plans for all riddims at Benn-i Productions, new and old. Check out the following article: You’re Getting More on My New Plan – You can’t Loose

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Last Notes

Coming to the end of this article, i hope you enjoyed my personal favorites/track list i shared with u today.

Like i mentioned in the beginning, there are so many good quality reggae and dancehall track released lately. Its almost hard to track everything.

But since i listen and follow reggae and dancehall almost 24/7, you cant miss out on the newest hits.

Enjoy listening and let me know if u have any questions.

Gonna wrap things up now after sharing 21 reggae and dancehall songs and typing more then 2400 words.. 🙂

Big up and talk to you next time.

Best, Benn-i

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