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10 Reggae Songs you should absolutely listen!

By Benn-i on Dec 01, 2013 in Blog , Music , Reggae , Riddims - 1 Comment

In Love with Reggae

Update: Thought it would be useful to update this post with the updated YouTube links for the vids. Check below. Enjoy!

Lets talk about Reggae! And lets talk about 10 reggae songs from the 80’s and 90’s that are unforgettable and changed the Reggae Scene forever! Featured with the original video clips.

Its not a secret to anybody, that Benn-i is totally in love (hé, sounds like a familiar riddim) with REGGAE. In every genre, type or category.

He listened a lot to reggae and besides that he decided to make remixes of famous reggae riddims (RMX Channel on SoundCloud).

Nowadays he is arranging, producing, mixing and mastering his own Reggae Riddims / Beats. And working with some great artists all over the world (Beats on SoundCloud).

A long time ago…

At the age of 12, Benn-i was going on a vacation to Limburg in the Netherlands (a province in Holland) and while traveling there by car, he and his sister were on the backseat. Listening to their Walkman, with mainly sounds from Madonna and Michael Jackson.. 🙂

Daddy Freddy - Raggamuffin Soldier

Benn-i’s sister; Debby, introduced him for the first time to something called Raggamuffin. Benn-i listened to a cd called “Raggamuffin Soldier” from Daddy Freddy. He said to his sister; “Whats this”? But after listening to more tracks, he enjoyed this music called “raggamuffin” more and more. It was a combination of hip hop with reggae/ragga and dancehall influences. At that time he had a small job as a paperboy in his home town. While bringing the papers around in the neighborhood, he always got a good music companion in Raggamuffin.


Jah Jah Gives me Vibes by Daddy Freddy

From the CD; “Raggamuffin Soldier”


Irie Irie

Irie Irie Three - Raggamuffin

After that, Benn-i got his first reggae cd ever. This cd was called Irie Irie 3 and was a compilation of some of the best dancehall and reggae hits at that moment. Artists like Home-T, Ninjaman, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Gregory Isaacs. Benn-i became more familiar with reggae styles in Music and while earning his money with his paper route he bought more Reggae Cd’s.

Trakcs on the Irie Irie 3 CD - My first Reggae CD

A little store in Groningen (Benn-i his home town) had a unique selection with reggae artist cd’s and full albums. So every saturday after the paper route, he would go on his bicycle to the little store in Groningen (5km) and buy new CD’s.

Once he got home, he copied every cd to a tape. And a collection of almost 300 tapes were a fact nearly a year later!

10 Reggae songs you should really listen!

Because listening so much to reggae, Benn-i decided to share his reggae oldies top 10 with you. Lets see what kind of Reggae songs were really great! Give some feedback on your favorite top 10 in the comment section. Let us know which Reggae tracks, styles or genres make you crazy, happy or Irie.. 🙂

Listen and look at the official video clips!

1. June Lodge – Someone Loves you Honey

featuring Prince Mohammed

Who doesn’t know this great song! The song is from 1980 and in Holland it was a major hit and was the best sold single in 1982! Can’t stop laughing about the guy in the red shirt on the background.

2. UB40 – Rat in My Kitchen

Also an album name (7th). Song was released in 1986 and stayed in the charts for 20 weeks!

3. Big Mountain – Baby I Love your Way

Great song by an American Reggae Group called Big Mountain, released in 1994. Major Worldwide Success!

4. Shabba Ranks – Mr. Loverman

Signature Song of Shabba! You gotta love dis one!

5. Diana King – Shy Guy

Big Song from 1995, written by Diana King herself. Released worldwide and received a lot of positive reviews! Remember the movie Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence?

6. Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen

featuring Chevelle Franklin – Bubbling version

7. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote

Made the genre Bubbling verry popular all over the world. The sweet combination of Chaka Demus & Pliers. They also did separate albums. But still Benn-i thinks that this is and was a golden duo. Both responsible for each others success.

8. Snow – Informer

A huge hit in the 90’s (No. 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100), Snow (Darrin Kenneth O’Brien) with the song informer. While Snow served prison time for an assault charge, M.C. Shan, David Eng, Steve Salem, and Marvin Prince promoted the recordings. (source: wikipedia).

9. Barrington Levy – Broader then Broadway

One of Benn-i’s favorites. This song is remixed a lot over the years. Even famous artists like Shaggy did a song which contain a lot of elements of this original “Here i come” by Barrington Levy. You gotta love his style…. shudlee boop deee woodlee diddlee oooooooooh🙂

10. Tenor Saw – Ring the Alarm

Another BOOMING track! Mixed over and over again by famous Soundsystems, Selectahs and so on.. Strictly Classic!

Offcourse the list is much longer, because there are so much nice tracks. In different reggae styles; Rockers, Steppers, One Drop, Roots, Dancehall and the more R&B flavored Riddims.

We could chat and talk about reggae all day long. But stay tuned and Benn-i will reveal his favorite Reggae songs at this moment with you all.

Share your comments, look around and have fun listening to some GREAT REGGAE

In the next post Benn-i will tell you everything about Riddims and why he totally loves Riddims. We will take you on a journey discovering the best riddims made in the 2000’s.

Talk to you soon! Big up.




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